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Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


1. School


I woke up to my parents fighting again. Which is normal, they drink 24/7. I got up and took a quick shower. I have a sister that i love to death, her names Amber but i call her Am. She has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and shes really thin also tall. I'm also very thin, our parents don't feed us and we don't eat unless were at school or when we can sneak out of the house at night. While i was drying my hair and about to straiten my hair my sister came into my room and sat on my bed. " You almost ready to go Alex?" " Yea I'm just straitening my hair." After i was done i went into my walk in closet. I put on a white ruffled tank top and blue jean shorts. I wore some sperry's with it. I looked in the mirror to make sure i looked ok. My long brown/black hair was perfectly strait. I put some mascara on. I have bright blue eyes that everyone loved. I have a few tattoos. After i looked at myself i walked out grabbed my bag, " You ready to go?" She nodded and we ran out the door on our way to school. " Why do they have to drink all the time?" Am asked me. " I have no clue, but make sure you never do that or get tattoos." She was quiet for a moment. " We have 2 days of school left, what are we going to do during the summer?" " I have no idea... maybe we can run away to somewhere..." She just nodded and we finally reached to school. My sister and i were seniors, she is smart and she skipped a grade. When we got in we went to our lockers. " Hey! look it's the silent twins!" We don't usually talk in school. We ignored them and went to our lockers. " Hey Alex and Am! So... your parents still at it?" "Yes but u get used to it." With that we went to our first hours. I had Gym with the girls. I liked that class a lot.


Well with 2 days left of school i was scared. I didn't want to go back home. But i don;t know if Alex was serious about running away. She's the one i looked up to. She is like my mother figure, she's the one who helped and took care of me while my parents that are more like strangers were out partying. After we all got changed, we noticed 5 new guys in the school. " Ladies and Gentlemen! We have 5 new students, their names are Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Please make them feel welcome!" I looked to the other girls and they didn't seem to like them, they had weird looks on their faces. The guys were covered with tats. Alex and her 2 friends seemed interested. Alex then looked at me and smiled, she definitely likes them. The guys seemed to notice them and they waved to them. When class was over we all went to talk them. " Hey! I'm Alex and this is Garriyn, Christy, and Am." " Hello loves." " I love your accents and your tattoos!" Alex and the other two said. I didn't care for them at all. Sure they were cute but im already taken. " Well i'll see you guys lates." They said bye and i went to math. Worst subject ever invented, even if i am good at it, why did someone have to make math?


" So why did you guys come at the very end of the school year?" " We moved and we wanted to finish high school, so were here." I just smiled at them, the one im very interested in the blonde. Lots of unique tattoos. I guess i was starring because he was looking at me weird. " I'm sorry... um... i gtg to class." With that i ran out of the gym to Science. With my luck the 5 were in that class to. We were working on a project. i worked by myself since everyone disliked me. I grabbed the bug piece of paper, the project was animal timelines. After a few minutes Mr. Boyer came up to me and said that the boys were going to work with me. woohoo. The lads came out and i just said to trace the animals and name them while i put the years they came from. They wouldn't stop talking. While i was almost done numbering the timelines they were quiet for a few minutes. " Did you draw or trace these?" They looked in my notebook. " No i don't trace its useless." They were shocked, i was good at drawing. " These are really good..." i just sighed and started drawing since they were looking through my notebook. They were watching me draw and the believed i didn't trace. * 15 minutes later * I finished the drawings and they just stared at me. " What? You haven't seen someone draw before?" " We have but you... Your very good. " I smiled at them. " Seriously?" They nodded. " Everyone doesn't exactly think that, my parents are to drunk to notice, everyone just bullies me, or ignores me... You guys are the first to really show you care."


Wow i can't believe someone would full on bully someone. If they would stop doing that they would see how sweet and nice Alex is. " Why does everyone bully you?" She thought a moment then said " I'm not exactly sure... i'm usually quiet, hardly talk, and i get pretty good grades. Most of these people judge to much, probably because of my tats." After she said that a group of girls came by and kept calling her " Silent freak" or " Silent twin number 1." She just ignored them. " You have a twin?" She shot up and simply said " No, i have my sister, Am. We both don't talk much, that's why they say that." " Oh... Well we should all hang out sometime... how about.. today?" " I'm not sure... But Am has to come. I'm not leaving her alone with my folks." We just nodded and that's when the bell rang. We had a few more classes together then school was finally over. When we went outside we waited for Alex and Am. They finally came out and waved to us, then we hopped in and we drove to our flat. When we pulled up the girls seemed shocked. " You have a big house!" Am said making us all laugh. When we got in they just walked into the living room then to the kitchen. " You guys hungry?" They nodded, so we made some pizza. They seemed very hungry. " Gosh don't u guys ever eat?!" They looked at each other then said " Only at school... only and if we can sneak out at night to get something to eat..."  I am shocked... " Why?" " look our parents are drunk 24/7 they don't buy food, or anything that's why."


After that convo my phone rang, Christy and Garriyn. I stepped outside and merged the calls. " Hey guys! What's up." " Nothing, where are you? You weren't on the bus." " I'm at the 5 lads flat. They invited us over." " Nice! but hey, we call dibs on Harry and Louis!" " Ha! Nice you have fun with that." With that i hung up and went back inside. " Am we gotta go!" She grabbed her bag and we ran home after saying goodbye to the lads. When we got home we ran up to my room. " AM GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" My dad yelled for her.  "go.." She nodded and went downstairs

5 hours later

My parents went to sleep and i haven't heard from Am, so i went to her room. When i stood infront of her door there was some blood. I quickly and quietly opened and closed the door and i found a note on her bed.

Hey Alex! Look what they did to me... i couldn't take it anymore. They really beat me up and ... Dad raped me! Look i just had to leave! I ran away.. Sorry to freak you out about the blood.. I just didn't clean it up. Right now im heading far away from town. I'll find you eventually but for now live your life and get the Hell out of there. Pack tonight and see if you can stay at someones house. Leave a note on the house door after school saying you're leaving and not coming back. Love you <3 - Am

I can't believe she did that, but it is understandable. I would have too. With that i took the note went to my room and packed everything and hid them in the bushes. Tomorrow i'd ask if i can stay with the boys or something.


Well i hope you like the story so far... if you guys read my other story " Best Day Ever " I'll start the sequel soon! LIKE,COMMENT,FAVORITE!




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