Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


2. Leaving home


When i woke up i quickly took a shower and dried my hair. Then i shoved the hair dyer in my bag and hurried out my window and grabbed my one bag. I didn't own much, few tanks, shirts, shorts, pants, pj's, dryer, straightener, and some mascara, Plus phone charger. Before i left i put a note on my parents door saying " BUH BYE IDIOTS!" Then i ran to school. When i got to school i realized the girls weren't at school. Great. But i spotted the boys talking by their car i ran up to them and asked them " Lads i need a place to stay for a while... can i please come to your place?" They looked unsure. " It will just be a couple of weeks until i get a job then buy an apartment." They smiled and said. " You can stay as long as you want, no rush, but why?" " My parents beat my sister and she ran away... Look i can't stay there anymore and she wrote a note saying to leave." They nodded and understood. " Ok love you can stay with us." Louis said. " Thanks, can i put this stuff in the trunk?" They nodded and popped the trunk open, i put my stuff in there and headed into the school. " Attention students! Today is optional if it's ok with your parents you can go a head and leave! Thank you and have a great summer to those who leave! Oh but before you go graduation will be later around 6. Don't miss it!" With that i looked to the boys and they looked like they didn't want to be here so we headed to their flat. " So what do you guys want to do?" Niall asked everyone. Zayn said " How about we go out for some shakes at sonic?" We all agreed and we ordered. Niall: M&M blast, Harry: Oreo blast, Zayn: Chocolate shake, Louis: Vanilla shake, Liam: Chocolate shake, Alex: Hot fudge shake. I love hot fudge shakes, but i also looked at some of the other shake options. " Why is there bacon flavored shakes?? That just sounds gross." " I don't know but i want to try it! " Louis said and he got a small shake of it then we drove off. " This... is ... disgusting. peanut butter and bacon do not mix." We all laughed until we got back to the flat.


Well i hope she runs away from home. Bet she went with the girls or the new guys. I took my phone out of my pocket and called my boyfriend Zack. " Hey Zack can i stop by your place for a little bit till after graduation?" He took a moment then responded " Yea why?" " I'll explain when i get there." " Ok.. bye love you!" " Love you to zack.. bye." With that i took the bus to his street. * 6 minutes later* When i got off at the bus stop Zack was waiting there. " Zack?" He looked up and smiled a little bit, then it went away. " Who...?" " Parents... But after graduation im leaving far away from this town!" " Well my parents and i are moving to london.... maybe if i talk to them do you maybe want to too?" " YES!" He laughed and hugged me. " Well let's get to the house, my parents will be thrilled to see you.. They love you!" I just laughed a little. When we got to his house and opened the door, his parents stopped what they were doing and gasped at me. " Honey! What happened to you!?" " My parents... They abused me and... i just had to leave. Zack said you guys were going to London?" " Oh sweety.. of course you can come with us but what about your sister Alex?" " I'm not sure where she is. I left her a note telling her to pack everything and take them to school. If i was gone she would have been beaten too.." They all looked shocked. " Well does she have her phone on her, you can text her and ask where she is, or! Better yet you can call her. " Ok... * dials Alex* " Hey Alex!! Where are you?" " AM! omg... im with the lads right now, they are right outside of the town so mum and dad won't find me. But.. Where are you?" " I'm at Zack's, after graduation they were planning to move to London and they said i could go with them." " Oh that's great! But... i don't want to leave... one sec." I heard her say she would be right back and i think she stepped outside. " Am, i really like these boys, especially Niall. But i know we probably won't do anything i still like hanging around them, even if it has been a few hours. Whenever i get money i'll come and visit you!" " Ok Alex... I got to go but i'll see you at graduation tonight." " Oh good im glad your going. I'll see you then." " Ok bye." " She's not coming she's with a few of her friends." They sighed and said alright. This was going to be a whole new beginning... With out Alex by my side.


God, im glad she's leaving to London but... i don't want her to go with out me. She's the only thing i care about....


" Alex! Can you teach me how to ride my bike? Pwease??" " Yes of course." It didn't take her long to ride, she was always smart and a quick learner. "See you can do it now!" She just laughed and kept riding up and down the road. She was only 5 when she wanted to learn. She didn't need her training wheel. " Alex, ride with me!" " I can't we have to get going but maybe tomorrow!" She laughed and came up to me right when we saw our parents drive by. " Alexis! What are you doing?" " Teaching her how to ride a bike of course. Since you don't bother trying anymore.. I mumbled the last part. " No! If you guys learn how to do shit you think you'll be able to leave. Throw the bike away and get in the car! I just looked at Am, the happiness she just had was gone....


I didn't want to go inside yet. I just sat in the grass thinking about my future. What will happen to her..? I don't want her leaving.... and what about the girls? My only friends i have had for the past 12 years. Just thinking about it was making me upset. "Why didn't they care about us?" I whispered to myself, and started to silently cry. I always looked out my window seeing other family's play together, laugh, water balloon fights, and sometimes party. Me and Am, wanted that more then ever... Then i felt a hand on my shoulder, Niall. I quickly wiped away the tears and ran back inside and went to the guest bedroom and cried until it was time to get ready. I curled my hair and put lots of mascara on, pink lip gloss and some blush. When i was done with that i headed down stairs and saw the guys were ready. " We going to go?" They looked at their phones and said " It's only 5:15, why so early?" " Fine ill walk by myself... this is the last chance ill probably see Am." With that i ran out of the house and ran to the school. * skips the ruuunnnn* When i got there it was 5:30 and i saw Am. " AM!!" She turned around and ran up to me and hugged me. While i was hgging her i saw Zack and his parents waving at me. I waved back and got out of the hug. " Well let's get our caps and gowns." She agreed and we grabbed them and waited closer till 6 to put them on.


The guys finally showed up and got their stuff and put them on. We put ours on and went back stage with the rest of our class. " Well... This is the last few minutes with your class! I hope you enjoyed the years together. Not me. * 10 mins later* "And here is the class of 2013!" They said a bunch of names then ours came. " Alex White! " I got up there and grabbed my diploma and sat down. " Am White!" She did the same." And that was the class or 2012 - 2013! You all are officially done with High school!" With that we threw the hats in the air and enjoyed some drinks and food for a little bit. After we turned in the caps and gowns, Some of the girls were walking up to us. " So you guys going to stay mute forever?" They laughed making me and Am pissed. " No no please leave us alone." Then they gasped trying to make a scene. " Hey everybody, Mute freak 1 just talked!" making everyone but us and the lads. " Look what have we done to you? " " Oh.. does there have to be a reason? Nope! haha. We just feel like it" The only girl who started this was Crystal. " Look at least we don't look like plastic dolls." " Look whose talking, the only two who look like they came from the dump." She said while popping the P. The lads came up to her and she seemed a little scared... " Leave these to alone. If you say another word, things won't be pretty." Zayn said. They were much taller then her and they had muscles. Her and her group just walked off acting like it was nothing. "Thanks Zayn." We both said to them


When it was about time to go we watched the two girls for a little bit. I walked up to Alex saying " We have to go love..." " I'm not leaving yet so." " Yes you are and you will.." " I'll leave when i want to leave ok?" " Whatever the other lads are leaving so am i. Come home whenever." I was kinda getting pissed off. But for the way im acting... My parents acted this way, i wouldn't know how to act right.. but i tried


"Mum i cleaned my room can i leave now? " My mum just came up looked at my room and said no that i was a mistake child and would sometimes slap me. she started doing this to me when i was 4. " Mum but you said ..." " I don't care what i said, you aren't going. You were a mistake! Just stay in your room!" Then she would slap me, punch me, or just slam the door. The other lads were sorda brought up the same way but a little different.... My parents hated me. After a while i started getting an attitude problem and they kicked me out around 16. The others did to and we all got jobs and got a house... Eventually we started making a band called "One Direction" But some people says we should be "Punk Direction" Because of our tats we got later on. We all went to the x Factor and auditioned and came in 3rd place.  But we have a lot of fans...

flashback over.

I walked back to her and said im sorry and we waited by the car.


"Well Am... i guess this is goodbye." She just nodded and we hugged. After that i watched her join Zack and his parents and they drove off. I stood there trying not to cry and i told the guys i would walk home. Niall joined my walk and the other drove home. " I won't be able to see her for a really long time... That's why i took so long." " Alex im sorry.... i just have some attitude problems that Ive been trying to fix." " It's fine Niall." He hugged me and i cried into his shoulders. " I probably won't see her again!" He just hugged me tighter and rubbed my back

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