Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more




Well guys... the book is coming to an end soon. I don't think there will be a sequel...... sorry

But i am working on 3 other books that i want to focus on.

So next chapter or so will be the end of the book....

I'm glad you guys liked it

When i finish my other 2 at least

if you guys want to work on a movella together we can

just ask... comment below or on any of my other movellas..

Well bye for now.... and yea.

Cya guys later


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