my crazy life

Hi. I am Louise and i am a carrot. I am in love with brother is louis tomlinson. but i didint know that.......................


7. the real chapter 6!


  A/N thanks for reading!! enjoy pigeons,,, the carrot master.


                                      Niall's P.O.V


                           the lad's and i were playing fifa. I always win though,i wonder why they try. oh well, so the door bell rang. i immidately jumped up. it was the girl im adopting. i ran downstairs and saw a girl hiding behind the driver. i blinked. she was like a replica of lacy. brown hair,freckles,brown eyes.... then came the flashbacks




                     niall's P.O.V

       lacys birthday was today. i hired her favorite band to play.i put balloons all around her flat. i accidently over did the glitter though...... oh well after the place was glitterfied we hid. just then lacy came in and turned on the lights. we all jumped out and screamed happy birthday. that was the best day ever,. after that we layed together and watched horror movies.






   nialls P.O.V


   Louis went up and talked to her. i remembered talking to her a few times but thats it. suddenly everyone was looking at me.i took one last glance at t[her before my cheecks got red and the tears came out. i sobbed to myself and ran out the door. i could hear the boys calling after me but i didint listen. she's reallly just another lacy..... i ran as far as i could and never looked back. satisfied with how far i ran i realized that this was where my mum came with me before she died. perfect right? i realized i have always kept a puoch here with something in it. i ran in the cave area and grabed the bag. i slowly pulled out the razor. i promised the boys i would never do this. but right now i didint know what to do and i miss lacy more than i ever have. i sat on the cold hard ground so no one could see me and dug the blade in my wrist.i winced for a second but felt the pain. it felt good. like all my problems dissapeared for a minuit.then i stopped. and realized someone was watching me.

she walked towards me as i tried to hide my arm. ''i saw you and it's okay,i dont care.'' she said. i slowly pulled my arm out and looked at her. she peered into my blood shot eyes. i realized it was her the girl i adopted.i looked away. ''sorry for whatever i did Niall, but i cant see you like this. your my brother now.. i hope... ''she trailed off looking miserable. now i felt bad. this isint her fault,its mine. i need to get over the fact that lacy is gone.i tried to say something to her but all that came out was a cry. she leaned toward me and pulled me into a hug. i hugged back and cried on her shoulder. this was a sweet moment for us. brother and sister. atleast i could be with her. maybe my deppresion will be a little beter. she pulled us up and embraced me. i looked into her brown eyes and she looked into my puffy  blue ones. ''come on before the boys call the cop's.''she said gently. i nodded and leaned on her for support. but she stoppeed and sighed. gently she pulled out her arm. i looked at it and saw scars up her arm. i pulled her into a hug this time. we then kept walking, now im curious about why those scars are there.why would she cut? oh well. we finally made it back to the flat. i saw several cop cars there. not good. and i saw caution tape.. i dont think this is about me being gone...

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