my crazy life

Hi. I am Louise and i am a carrot. I am in love with brother is louis tomlinson. but i didint know that.......................


4. chapter 4



       A/N so hey my pigeons.... :)))) is this even a good story????  let me know what you think pigeons.. :D ,sara the carrot master 



                                                          Louise's P.O.V 


                         I watched them carefully to make sure this all isint a dream. Then i realized there was a akward silence.. I stepped out from the driver and smiled. '' Hi! im Louise'' i said brightly. Louis spoke up first. ''HIIII i have a slight feeling you know who we are but if you dont, Im Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!!!! and i eat carrots to!'' he said rather brightly. '' I know who you guys are. If i didint then i probally would have lived under a rock.... also I EAT CARROTS TOOOOO'' i said in a weird way. ''  CARROT BUDDIES!!!well that's good!! as long as you dont live like patrick.. WE ARE OKAYYYYY!!!'' louis yelled. i smiled at that. I LOVE SPONGEBOBBBB!!! I looked at the rest of the boys and waved. they all smiled at me but Harry gave me a flirty smile. cheeky boy.... i rolled my eyes at him. you arent supposed to flirt with someone you adopt. ''oh by the way, we arent really adopting you, I  will. and hopefully Harry wont FLIRT WITH ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' Niall yelled. Harry blushed a little while the boys smirked, but Niall had a frown. awwwwwwwwwww he's already so protective over me. 

But one thing i noticed is that liam has still been staring at me since i got here and so has Harry... so i hope that does'int mean anything...........i was brought out of my thoughts because for some reason Louis picked me up and ran around with me on his back. This boy has issues. i still love him though.  

                                     Harry's P.O.V


                   Me and the boy's were playing fifa when the door bell rang. It must be the girl Niall is adopting. i guess he's adopting her because his little sister, Lacy just died. poor lad, he has'int been the same and he wont eat as much as he always does. I hope this will make him better. we ran downstairs and saw a girl behind the driver. I guess she was shy. when i saw her face, she was the definition of beautiful. a nice tan, freckle's all over her face, her adorable chocolate brown eyes and dirty blonde hair..... Beautiful... i will make her mine. i hope Niall wont mind.


                                liam's P.O.V


                    we all were upstairs playing fifa when the door bell rang. probally the girl Niall is adopting. i hope they get close.Niall deserves it. we all ran downstairs. i fell in the process. i caught up with them and saw a girl with big brown eyes and freckles all over her face with beautiful dirty blonde hair. she's perfect. wait a minuit.. am i falling in love with Niall's new sister?? more important... is anybody else?  



(thanks for reading!!!!)



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