my crazy life

Hi. I am Louise and i am a carrot. I am in love with brother is louis tomlinson. but i didint know that.......................


3. Chapter 3

A/N: Hey guise!! I am the co-author for this story!! Super excited! Oh yeah, and please follow me on Twitter @Rachelle_1D. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and saras (the author) twitter is@saraloveslouis1

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                                                          Rae's P.O.V.

         And now... Louise is gone. I always knew we would be split up. I never heard of a friendship that lasted forever. I stood on the foster home porch as Louise got into a big, black fancy car. I started to tear up.. She was my only close friend here and really my only friend. She is, or now was, my best crazy mofo friend. She waved at me through the window and i waved back. 

I kept standing outside until the car drove out of sight and Mrs.Mary told me to come inside and help her set for dinner. I didnt even want to 


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