my crazy life

Hi. I am Louise and i am a carrot. I am in love with brother is louis tomlinson. but i didint know that.......................


1. chapter 1

hi my name is Louise Greenwood. Im adopted. I am 18 right now. my birthday is December 24. I have dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. my favorite color is blue. I love toms and stripes. Now to the story,

                                                sara's P.O.V

  today was like every morning. the lady who ran the foster home woke us up with a bell. Me and my friend Rae got up and went downstairs. being the idiot we are, we slid down the rail and i fell face forward. i groaned and got up. i saw mrs.mary and she smiled at us. "louise i have something exiting to tell you!" mrs.Mary said. Rae and I exchanged a look that said, is this good or bad?

  "someone is here to adopt you!!!!" she said happily. my grin dropped. that means the crazy best mofo friends would be split up. " Mr.Cowell will be here in a minuit, go pack your bags. me and Rae slowly walked up stairs. Then the bag of flour that i rigged to fall on a helper fell. i didint even crack a smile. I dragged my bag out that i kept under the bed and slowly put my things in it. one was a picture of me as a baby. another was a picture of my favorite band, one direction. Louis was my favorite! i had some pillows and blankets, and some make up to but that was about it. after that me and Rae cried a while. I applied some make up and then crept downstairs. mrs.Mary smiled at me and walked with me. i went outside and waved at Rae. I got into a car and saw Rae crying i also started to tear up to. then we drove away

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