my crazy life

Hi. I am Louise and i am a carrot. I am in love with brother is louis tomlinson. but i didint know that.......................


8. A/N

Hey guys, it's Elle, the co-writer. I'm so very sorry me and Sara haven't been updating and there's a lot to explain. So first off, we are lazy. Well mostly me but yeah. It's been super long and I've had time to update and shit but like I said, I'm lazy and I'm piled with homework every school night (same with Sara but she has more than me, poor her). And second off, Sara doesn't like One Direction anymore for some reason. She really enjoys bands like Sleeping With Sirens, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, Black Veil Brides, and way more. So she won't be writing anymore fan fictions about One Direction:( I don't know what got into her cause one of my best friends loves One Direction + Sleeping with Sirens and Fall Out Boy. But anyways what I want to tell you is that I might not continue this fan fictions cause I just don't know what she wanted to write. So that's my very long author's note to you. Sorry for the inconvenience:( 

                                                                           Love you guys,




P.S. - follow me on twitter @rachelle_1D and tumblr @sleepeatfangirl <3 

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