Forever {Sequel to Stay, Completed}

"I'm not leaving our baby here Niall!" "Carter, love I know you're afraid but-" "But nothing! She is our daughter Niall! If we leave, she lives with us." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed. What's he going to say? What the heck is happening? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


10. Chapter 9

Niall's POV

I woke up again around 9:00 AM. Carter was still sleeping, and pretty heavily. I got out of bed to check on the baby again, we were both up pretty much all night. Tally was the most adorable baby ever but she was also the most needy. I tried to sneak out of the room when I heard Carter stir, 'Great she's going to wake up and yell at me for getting up'. "Niall. Are you seriously getting up again?" She asked sitting up, her newly dyed blonde hair was everywhere. I couldn't help chuckling. "What's so funny?" She asked trying to conceal her smile. "Your hair". "Oh please! Have you seen yours lately?" "Yes it looks fantastic!" She shook her head, "Whatever, anyway get back in bed. I'll get her." "Carter-" "No. It's my turn." "I was just thinking that because I'm in the studio today I could?" "Oh yeah! That's right. Yeah go ahead. Is it all right if El and Annabell come over today?" "As long as they don't play strip poker I'm good." She shot me a look, "Are you serious? That's Louis and Harry's favorite game." "True, all right. I'll be back in a minute." She smiled and went back to bed. I went into Tally's room where she was laying in her crib sucking her small thumb. It looked adorable. I poked my head inside her crib and smiled, "Hey princess" I said picking her up. She squirmed a little but calmed down once I got her bottle and started feeding her. Carter eventually came in and saw us in the rocking chair. "Aw! How sweet this is?" I looked up from feeding her and looked at Carter, "Yeah I guess it's kinda cute." "Niall! It's adorable." I couldn't help smiling, "I guess you're right." I got up and handed her to Carter, I've got to go get ready. Got to be at the studio at 11."

Carter's POV

After I got Tally dressed and changed Niall came out of the bathroom about ten minutes later. His hair was styled in a quiff. "Wow someone took his time today." I said before going in and shutting the door. "I have somewhere to be ok?" He countered. "Whatever" I said as I turned on the shower. "Where's Tally?" He asked. "In her playpen downstairs." "All right, I don't have to go for twenty minutes but do you think you'll be done by then?" "I won't be if you kept talking" I said laughing. "All right, all right. See you in a few minutes." I heard the bedroom door shut as I stepped into the shower. I washed and conditioned my hair within in short minutes and stepped out. I dried and did my hair in about the same time and put on a little makeup. I put on a pair of purple skinny jeans and teal jumper. I went downstairs and saw Niall playing with the baby again. He was so sweet and good with her, I couldn't help but smile and tear up a little. Niall looked up and saw me, "You ok?" He asked. "Yeah, it's just a-" He cut me off with his lips. I hated it when he did that but at the same time I loved it. "Do you have to do that every time I try to talk?" I asked once we had pulled away. "Yep" He grinned then looked at his phone, "I gotta go the boys are here. See you later. Have fun with Annabell and Eleanor!" He pecked me on the lips and Tally on the forehead and left. I picked her up out of her playpen and set her in my lap while I watched TV. Even though she was still only five months old, she knew what shows she liked. Whenever I'd put on Disney Junior she'd get excited. I found it adorable but also I got bored because it was all little kid stuff. Eleanor and Annabell came about an hour later and saw I was watching Sophia the First. "Really? You're watching this?" Eleanor giggled. "Yes! It's for Tally all right?" I defended myself. "She's a baby Carter, once she's a toddler I think she'll beg you to change the channel but for now I'm not really seeing it." "El. The shows I watch are too old for her. I can't have her watching them and thinking doing all those things is ok." She looked at the screen again, "So you want her to believe unicorns are real?" I rolled my eyes and turned off the TV, "Whatever. So what do you want to do? We don't have to stay here, we can bring Tally with us wherever we want to go." "We should go shopping!" El jumped up and down. "I think Louis' five year old behavior has rubbed off on her." I looked at Annabell. She giggled and nodded her agreement. "Hey!" El looked at us and pouted. "Yep, I can see it now." Annabell continued to laugh. "All right, all right we can make fun of El later. I'm going to put Tally in her pram and we'll get going." "I can do it if you want" El offered. I was trying to nicer to El about doing baby related things so I nodded, "Sure go ahead". I handed Tally to El and she strapped her in. I put a bunch of blankets on and around her since it was still pretty chilly outside, then I grabbed my coat from the closet. I felt relieved that I had shed all my baby weight and was skinny again. We walked out of the building and headed to the mall, "So Annabell how's Harry?" El asked with a big bright smile. Annabell turned red and looked at the pavement, "He's good." I confused a second, "Wait, wait Harry?" I looked at Annabell a smile forming on my face too. "Yeah.. we kinda started going out about three weeks ago." "Oh my gosh!" I said handing Tally over to El for a second so I could walk beside Annabell who still blushing. "That's amazing! I'm so happy for you!" "Thanks, it was a bit random though. He hadn't really shown much interest in me.." "He's just shy! He had been talking to Louis about a girl he's liked for a while. But he never told him who, which is what bugged me. Because I was so eager to know." El chimed in pushing Tally along. "Well we're both so overjoyed for you!" I was still grinning like an idiot. "And because we're so happy for you, we're going to buy you a new outfit for your next date with him." "Oh guys you don't have-" "We're going to! No questions asked." "But I-" "No Annabell, we're doing this. Right El?" "Absolutely!" She agreed with a smile. "All right, all right I give in!" "Well you didn't really have a choice in the matter so.." "Yeah whatever, let's get our shop on!"

- 4 hours later -

We dragged out loot back to Niall and I's flat four hours later. Our wrists practically getting their circulation cut off by all the shopping bags we had. "We did well" El examined one of the tops she'd bought. I nodded in agreement setting Tally down in her playpen as I sat down on the sofa beside her. "What do you think Annabell?" I asked looking over to El's right. "Huh?" She looked up from her phone, her eyes wide with confusion. "Are you texting Harry?" I asked with a smug smile. She turned red again, "Maybe.." "What's he saying?" El asked eagerly. "Oh just seeing how I am that's all." "Uh huh, let us see" I said gesturing for her to switch places with El so we could both see her phone. "All right fine." Annabell said moving over and showing us the texts.

Harry: Hey beautiful how's your day going? xx

Annabell: Just lovely, how's the studio? :) xx

Harry: Pretty good, Niall's in the booth with his sunglasses on. What a diva!

I laughed my head off when I saw that one, "Oh Niall.. I knew the fame would go to his head one day." "So did I" El nodded in agreement.

Annabell: Oh my goodness... you're not doing that I hope?

Harry: Nope, unlike Niall I'm a professional.

Annabell: Alrighty then.. well then Mr. Professional you have a wonderful rest of your day. See you at home later then?

Harry: Yep! Around 9 or so. You have a lovely rest of your day too :) xx

"AW!" El and I both gushed. Annabell blushed and tucked her phone away, "You guys are mad." "But you love us anyway" I said putting my arm around El and smiling cheekily. "Yeah I guess I do" She looked at clock on the cable box. "Oh it's almost 9, I better get home. See you guys tomorrow?" El nodded in agreement, "Yeah I should get going to. I want Carter to have alone with Niall when he gets home." She winked at me as I she got up. "You guys are disgusting!" I shook my head. "We'll see you later Carter" They grabbed their bags and hugged me goodbye before heading out the door. I went over to the playpen and picked up Tally again, "Daddy will home soon and that means mummy's off duty. Yay!" I kissed her tiny forehead. Niall walked in the door about ten minutes later, looked frazzled. "Niall" I asked getting up. "What's going on? You look nervous.." "It's Annabell. A pack of fan girls attacked her downstairs." "WHAT?" "Yeah, Harry went with her to the hospital." "Oh my gosh, maybe we should go and-" "We'll go in the morning. Louis and El will watch Tally then." I wasn't about to argue, I needed a break. "Sounds good, are you all right over all?" He finally smiled, "Yeah I'm good, how's my little princess?" He asked Tally. "She's been a little fussy today because she didn't have much of a nap." "Why not?" He asked curiously. "Well mummy and her friends had to go shopping today.." I smiled. "Oh really?" He looked down at Tally, "Mummy's still a teenager remember that." He said kissing her forehead. "Hey no kiss for mummy?" I asked in a fake whiny voice. "There's always a kiss for mummy" He said kissing me tenderly. "Hey, hey let me put the baby down before you get all crazy." "It's a plan then?" He said with a smug smile. "Oh yeah" I said with the same smile. I was in for a very intimate evening.

Harry's POV

I sat on the end of the hospital bed where my beautiful Annabell was still asleep. The doctor told me they didn't know when she would wake up and for the time being she was in a coma. This brought me to tears, she has only been mine for a few weeks and I was already close to losing her. I sniffled loudly and held her hand tightly. Seeing her hooked up to a bunch of different machines made me even more nervous, I couldn't lose her. I just couldn't. "Lou?" I called through the open door. Louis appeared in the doorway seconds later, he had been waiting the hall. "You all right Haz?" He asked coming up to me and putting a supportive hand my shoulder. I shook my head and sniffled again, "No. I could lose her Lou! We've only been together a few weeks and-" "I know Haz. It's going to be fine, she'll be fine." "I certainly hope so Lou. What those girls did to her was terrible, just terrible." "I know, they're not our fans if they hate it when you're happy." I nodded, "Yeah." "Hey it's getting really late, like it's almost one in the morning. You want a ride home?" I shook my head again, "No. I'm going to stay here, just in case she wakes up." "All right Haz, Carter and Niall will be here tomorrow. El and I are watching Tally." "All right. Thanks for staying with me Lou." "No problem. Like I said everything will be fine." He said giving me a hug before walking out the door. I gently laid down next to Annabell and kissed her forehead gently, "I love you." I whispered before falling asleep.

*A/N AW! Harry!! <333 Gotta love him right? So there's the drama I promised you but there is much more coming! Hope you enjoyed! Please like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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