Forever {Sequel to Stay, Completed}

"I'm not leaving our baby here Niall!" "Carter, love I know you're afraid but-" "But nothing! She is our daughter Niall! If we leave, she lives with us." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed. What's he going to say? What the heck is happening? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


8. Chapter 7

Harry's POV

I stood outside the door like a nervous wreck. I kept putting my fist up to the door ready to knock, but every time I went to I got nervous and didn't. 'Come Harry! Be a man!' I told myself and finally got the guts to do it. The second I did I stepped back almost like I thought the door would burst into flames the second I touched it. The opened a few seconds later and Annabell stepped out. And she looked amazing. I could tell she had been 'Eleanored'. "Wow you look great" I said with a smile. "Really? I mean Eleanor picked this out and-" I chuckled, "It's all right. It still looks great." "Oh well uh.. thank you." She smiled back, "You don't look bad yourself." I could feel my cheeks burning, "Thanks, Louis helped me out." "Oh well that was nice of him" She was looking at her shoes. 'Way to go Harry! You got her all nervous!' "So uh shall we go?" I held out my arm to her. She looked up in surprise, "Oh sure!" She said taking my arm. "So you've lived here for how long?" I asked as we walked out of the building. "Only about six months." "Have you seen all of London?" "I haven't had the opportunity yet. Been too busy with school... why?" She asked getting suspicious. I kept my mouth shut but smiled. "What?" She asked over and over again. I chuckled, "You'll see.. actually you won't." I stopped and pulled out a blindfold. "A blindfold? Are you kidnapping me or something?" I chuckled again, "No, just trust me and put it on." She took it and slipped it over her eyes, "All right but I'm trusting you not to lead me over a cliff or something." I laughed out loud this time, "I promise there won't be any cliffs. Now would you shut up and enjoy the suspension?" "Easy there tiger, no need to get sassy." She joked. She was hilarious! I could use to this, "All right, all right just walk." I said taking her arm again. We were walking for about ten minutes before she started to ask questions again, "Are we there yet? I'm getting a bit worried.." "No need, we're almost there." "Good because I was starting to think the cliff was going to get involved." "I told  you no cliffs like ten times!" I said laughing. "Well.." "Well nothing. You take it off now." "It's about time I-" She took it off and was speechless at the sight. "Is that Big Ben?" She asked not taking her eyes off it. "Yep, it's much prettier at night but I've got One Direction stuff tonight so..." "No it's fine. It's beautiful!" She smiled at me, "Thank you!" She gave me a huge hug. I hugged her back, "You're welcome but don't thank me yet. There's ton of stuff to see." "Are we going to the Tower of London?" She asked excitedly. "Yeah but not 'til later. We gotta have tea first." "Of course! What was I thinking?" "I have no clue! All right let's get going!" I took her hand and pulled her off down the street.

Annabell's POV

This has been the best day of my life! Harry's shown me all over the city and it's just beautiful! I really liked him, he's so sweet! I never really expected him to fall for a normal like girl like me but I guess things can happen. We were sitting down having tea right now and he was telling me his family and his life before the X-Factor and One Direction. "So I had a pretty normal life before all this." "I can tell! I mean you worked in a bakery where a woman would pinch your bum on the side!" I said laughing. He blushed, "Yeah... it was weird." I giggled, "It's all right. This tea is great!" I lied, I hated tea. One thing about London I hated was the tea, is coca too much to ask? "Oh come on you don't have to lie." "I'm not!" I said taking another sip, "Mmmm". "You hate it don't you?" I sighed, "Yeah. Sorry I just haven't really gotten use to it yet." "It's all right, I only really like it because I've lived here my whole life and just gotten use to it." I nodded, "Are we going to the London Eye yet? It's getting pretty late. In fact it's already 7:30. What time do you have to be wherever?" "I don't." He said getting up. "You don't what?" "I don't have One Direction stuff to do." I got up too and smacked his arm, "You mean?" "I wanted to spend more time with you so I made that up so I could see you earlier." 'AW!' "Oh.. well you didn't have to lie I wouldn't have said no." "Yeah but I wanted to look like I had more of a life." "So the London Eye?" He held out his hand to me and I took it, "Yep, let's go." It was about a five minute walk from where we were but it was worth it. "Wow you right about it prettier at night!" I gushed I saw it. "Yeah, all come on." "Where we going?" "We're getting on it" He said leading me over to it. We got into a car that went up to the top pretty fast. It stopped there for a few minutes and we just looked out at the city, it was so beautiful. "London is beautiful." I said looking out, not caring about how much of a tourist I sounded like. "You're beautiful too" I turned around and smiled brightly. "Oh well that's really-" But I was cut off by him crushing his lips to mine. We pulled away several seconds later, "Wow". It was all I could muster. "Annabell I really like you and this has been a great time... would you consider um.. I don't know.." "Being your girlfriend?" I asked taking a chance. "Yeah" "Yes" I said kissing him again.

*A/N AW! Aren't they just adorable? I'm crying over here! Haha not really :) Hope you enjoyed! Carter and Niall will be back soon, I just needed some time away from them I guess. Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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