Forever {Sequel to Stay, Completed}

"I'm not leaving our baby here Niall!" "Carter, love I know you're afraid but-" "But nothing! She is our daughter Niall! If we leave, she lives with us." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed. What's he going to say? What the heck is happening? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


7. Chapter 6

Carter's POV

I woke up yet again with Tally crying again. 'Does she ever not cry?' I asked myself as got out of bed. The clock read 9:00, not bad but still I was exhausted. I felt a hand on my shoulder as I started to leave the room, "Go back to bed. I'll get her." Niall said sleepily. "Are you sure? You were up with her at 2 AM?" "And you were up with her three hours later. It's my turn." He smiled and left the room before I could protest. I shrugged and climbed back into bed. I was about to doze off when my phone went off, "Ughh". I grabbed it off the bedside table, it was message from Annabell. Doesn't she know I have a baby who keeps me up all night? I read her message and immediately sat up, "WHAT?!" Niall ran in with Tally seconds later, "What's going on?" He asked looking concerned. "It's just Annabell. Go back to the baby" I shooed him away with a wave of my hand. He shrugged and went back to Tally's room.

Annabell: Harry asked me out! Can you believe it!?

Me: HE DID?!

Annabell: Why are you so surprised?

Me: I'm not I'm so happy for you! But I mean... You just broke up with Logan like what two months ago? Are you sure you're ready for another relationship?

Annabell: I know. I thought about that but I mean it's been two months. I'm all right.

Me: Are you one hundred percent sure?

Annabell: Yes :)

Me: All right well I wish you the best. Now if you'll excuse me.. I need to get my sleep back :) Ttyl <3 xx

I powered off my phone and laid back down.  Niall came back minutes later and climbed in beside me, "What was that about?" He asked turning me to face him. "Just Annabell. Apparently Harry asked her out." His eyes grew big, "Really?" "I know, I never expected him to fall for her, I mean he's Harry." He nodded, "Yeah I guess so. We all just want him to be a regular girl. He's tired of dating famous ones." "I can understand that, famous girls can be a real pain." Niall chuckled, "Only some of them." I put my hands up in surrender, "All right, all right. I'm going back to sleep now." "Me too" He said agreeing. "Having a baby is so much work." I yawned. "Yeah but it's worth it right?" "Totally, now go to sleep please." He chuckled again and put an arm around me. I smiled into my sleep as I dozed off.

Annabell's POV

I set my phone down after reading Carter's last message. I looked over at my clock, 9:30 AM. Why was I up so early? Oh yeah probably because I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. I'll admit I kind of sort of had an eye for him when I met him. After knowing Carter was with Niall, I knew I needed to move on. At first I was a bit of a fan girl but after a few months I calmed down and whenever I saw them now it was just normal. I lived in the same building as Niall and Carter but just on a different floor. I moved to London after Tally was born to be closer to Carter. It had taken a while to convince my parents but they finally gave in after I told them I got into a school here in London, which was going great! I went to Manchester University (I think that's what it is I don't know haha) with Eleanor. It was fabulous. We weren't studying the same thing so we didn't have any classes together but it was still great. I laid back on my pillow and thought of Harry again, I picked up my phone again. I wanted to text him but I wasn't sure if he was up or not. I would feel bad if I woke him up.. 'Resist Annabell! Your date hasn't come yet and want to make this work'. As if reading my mind, my phone beeped with a text. My entire face lit up when I saw it was from Harry.

Harry: Hey you awake? I'll leave you alone if you are...

Me: No, no it's fine! I'm awake :)

Harry: Oh good

Me: Yep :)

Harry: So sadly I just found out that I have to go into the studio on Saturday...

My face fell. He was bailing on me. Of course. Well he's famous. I can't get mad.

Me: It's all right! :)

Harry: So I was thinking we could go out this afternoon? Say noon? I know it's last minute but I'm super busy the next couple days :/

Me: Oh no! That's fine, I'll see you then. In case you didn't know.. I live on the tenth floor of Niall and Carter's building :)

Harry: Yep I got it! See you then :) xx

My hopes were lifted again. I sprang out of bed and went straight over to my wardrobe. I looked through most of my clothes and found nothing reasonably good looking. "Ugh!" I picked up my phone and called Eleanor. I would've called Carter but she was asleep. "Hello?" She answered cheerily. "Hey El, I need your help." "Sure Annabell! What's up?" "Well Harry asked me out and-" "Say no more. I'll be right there!" "But I-" But she had already hung up. I took the opportunity to eat and watch some TV. Eleanor was there within twenty minutes, she came in carrying at least five shopping bags. "Oh El you didn't have to-" "Nope. These are for you. No questions or protests. Now let's you all pretty so Harry won't know what hit him. Where's Carter? I thought she'd be here too?" "No, she's sound asleep. Been up with that little baby of hers all night." "Dear me that girl needs a break." "I keep telling her that but she won't listen." El shrugged, "All let's get going."

- One Hour Later -

An hour later I was standing in front my full length mirror wearing a girly navy blue dress, silver sparkly flats with little bows. And my hair and makeup done by El. "Wow. You look amazing!" Eleanor clapped her hands excitedly. I had no words, I just kept looking at myself. "Harry's not going to be able to take his eyes off you." My cheeks turned red, "Stop it!" "I know you're nervous. But everything will be fine! And just to let you in on something, this morning right after he called you.. he called Louis and talked to him for over an hour about what he was going wear and stuff." "Are you serious?" "Yep, Louis' over with him right now." "Well I guess that makes me feel a bit better but I'm still a bit nervous." "You'll be fine! You'll have fun, I promise." I sighed, "All right. Thanks for coming over El I really appreciate it! And for the outfits too." "No problem" She said hugging me. "Call me as soon as it's over!" She said heading for the door. "I will!" I waved goodbye and went to the couch and turned on the TV again. Harry would here in about fifteen minutes, boy was I nervous! I took a deep breath, 'Everything will be.' I told myself over and over.

*A/N Aw! Annabell and Harry, can't wait to see how the date goes :) Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*


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