Forever {Sequel to Stay, Completed}

"I'm not leaving our baby here Niall!" "Carter, love I know you're afraid but-" "But nothing! She is our daughter Niall! If we leave, she lives with us." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed. What's he going to say? What the heck is happening? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


23. Chapter 22

Dear Niall,

I've got Carter. Alert the police and you've got another thing coming. There's only one reason for this letter: Ransom. And I think what you're thinking, probably some terrible name you're calling me right now and how much you want to kill me. But try anything and don't follow my rules and I promise you I will kill her. You see Niall I've got more power than you. Lot's more. You don't want to mess with me either, I'm sure Carter has told you that I'm quite dangerous. I will not hesitate to kill her, torture her, rip her to pieces you name it.

Now my conditions:

1. One million dollars, two if you upset me

2. You forget about her after saving her (if you ever do)

3. Fall off the face of the Earth, leave that gay boyband you're in. Besides your music makes me sick

You've got a week Niall. That's it, that's all. After that.. she's dead. And if you're lucky I may send you a video of how she's doing.. oh wait I think I'll do that now! You should enjoy it :)

One week Niall. One week. Or well.. she's gone. And well I would have won. :)

Love, Christian

*A/N OOOO! Looks interesting! Find out what happens in the next book! Yay! I can't thank you guys enough for reading this and Stay! It really means a lot that you enjoy my books and add your comments, which I can tell you right now are hilarious! I'm trying to get 200 favorites on both of these stories soo tell your friends, family, your Great Aunt Bertha, your pet squirrel I don't care :) Thank you, thank you again! Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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