Forever {Sequel to Stay, Completed}

"I'm not leaving our baby here Niall!" "Carter, love I know you're afraid but-" "But nothing! She is our daughter Niall! If we leave, she lives with us." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed. What's he going to say? What the heck is happening? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


21. Chapter 20

Niall's POV

I woke up the next morning to Tally crying, as always. I turned over to kiss Carter but she wasn't there, 'Maybe she went in to see Tally?'. But when I went to her room, Carter wasn't there either. In fact she wasn't anywhere in the flat. "Carter?" I was getting worried, 'Calm down Niall, calm down. She's probably just out... right?' When I tried her phone I heard it ringing upstairs, 'She never leaves her phone.. something's going on..' After I fed Tally and got dressed, I went into the kitchen and saw something laying on the counter and gasped.

Dear Niall,

I'm so sorry for not telling you I was leaving but it would've killed you. Plus it was kind of sudden and Derek thought I shouldn't tell you. I will miss you more than anything in this world. Take care of Tally, if you have trouble please, please, please call El or hire someone. I don't want her to interfere with your One Direction stuff. I will be back as soon I can, I love you with all my heart. Never forget that.

Carter xx

'She couldn't be gone, she couldn't be!' Tears fell my eyes, 'She was gone, for her own safety again. This couldn't happen.' I got my phone again and called Louis, "Hey Niall!" He answered all cheery. "How can you be cheery at a time like this?" I asked my voice cracking. "Niall what's going on?" His voice changed from cheery to serious within seconds. "Carter's gone. She left I don't know long ago but she's gone." "Aw mate I'm so sorry, did she take-" "No she left Tally here with me, I don't think she had a choice. "I'm so sorry mate, but it'll be ok. We're going on tour in a month anyway so it'll be good distraction." "I can't go on tour Louis! I've got Tally!" "El and Annabell can watch her. They love her and they're great with her. Come on mate it won't be that bad." "I guess not but for the time being could you and lads come over?" "Sure mate, we'll be there soon. Hang in there, it'll all be good." "I hope so Lou, I hope so." "It will be, see you soon mate." I went over and got Tally out of her playpen and rocked her in my arms, she looked confused. She was probably wondering where Carter was, "I don't know where mummy is." I told her softly. She definitely had Carter's eyes, all big and blue. I sniffled slightly, I missed her so much. This was all douche bag Christian's fault. If he had stayed in jail Carter would be here right now, not hiding out in another country and changing her name and appearance. The boys arrived minutes later with Nando's for me, bless them. I handed Tally over to Eleanor who had come with them, "I'm so sorry Niall." She said softly. "It's all right El, she'll be back eventually." I nodded, and took the the takeout bag from Liam. "Thanks lads." "Wow Niall you're really bummed out, you usually perk up when you see us with Nando's. I'm so sorry mate, you must really miss her." "Yeah, well she is the love of my life! It's all her douche bag ex-boyfriend's fault. I swear I want him dead." "Now Niall let's not violent. You remind me of a girlfriend I use to have... she was always violent.. well she had violent thoughts (In my This Kiss books Liam has a girlfriend named Olivia who had violent thoughts haha (:). "You had some weird girlfriends Liam.." I said digging into my Nando's bag. "HEY! Who ate two of my chicken legs?" Harry and Louis immediately ran from the room. I shook my head, and chuckled slightly. "You're not going to go after them?" Liam asked confused. "Nope, I'll get them back later. Besides I blocked the Kardashian channel and forgot to get carrots. They're going to suffer anyway." "HEY! WHY AREN'T THERE CARROTS?! EL!" Louis shouted from the kitchen. Eleanor shook her head, "I honestly don't know why I'm dating him sometimes." "SHUT UP AND MAKE ME A SANDWICH!" Louis shouted again. "Honey you can't eat bread!" She shouted back. "DANG IT!" Louis came in pouting with Harry trailing behind him. "Louis stop shouting you'll scare the baby." Eleanor scolded Louis. "Sorry." He said softer. "Good boy, Niall do you want to be feed her or something?" El asked me. "Huh?" I looked up from my bag. She giggled, "Do you want to feed Tally or something?" "Oh no she's good, but if you want to play with her I think she'd enjoy that." "Sounds good, hey Tally let's go upstairs and play." El said in a playful baby voice as she took Tally upstairs. "Hey Haz where's Annabell today?" "Oh she's at work, she insisted on getting a job." "Did you tell her she didn't need to?" "About a million times but she didn't listen. She never really does." "Hey! That's offensive?" Annabell had appeared out of no where. "Uh sorry babe I didn't know you were there.." Harry turned to her, his face bright red. "Uh huh sure, we'll talk about that later. Hey Niall I heard Carter had to leave again. You doing ok?" "I just found out this morning. But you know I'm trying." "I'm sorry, you'll get through this. I'll be here to listen to you." She scowled at a still red Harry. "Babe I'm sorry I didn't know you were-" He said getting up. "Yeah, let's talk about that over there." She dragged him into another room. I shook my head again and went back to my chicken.

*A/N Aw poor Niall! :( Looks like drama is over.. haha not! More is coming, believe me. I think I'm going to end this story soon (maybe 2-4 more chapters?) but don't worry another one is on the way! And it's all thanks to lovely people who read it! So thank you again :D I'll try to update again but no promises. I have my own life too :) Like, comment, favorite, and fan!! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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