Forever {Sequel to Stay, Completed}

"I'm not leaving our baby here Niall!" "Carter, love I know you're afraid but-" "But nothing! She is our daughter Niall! If we leave, she lives with us." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed. What's he going to say? What the heck is happening? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


3. Chapter 2

Carter's POV

I woke up the next morning to see that Niall wasn't there. I looked at the clock on the nightstand beside me. It read 10:00. 'Oh my gosh!' I threw the covers off and dashed into Tally's room where Niall was sitting in rocking chair feeding her a bottle. "Morning princess" He looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back but I was still confused, "What time were you up?" "About two hours ago. I heard her crying again, so I got up." 'He was such a suck up'. "Thank you, wow I haven't slept that long in months." "I know. She can really keep you up." "Yeah seriously, you're very loud." I smiled down at Tally who was sucking on her bottle. "Have you been here the entire time?" "Yep, this was the last thing I could try. Thank goodness it worked." Niall looked exhausted, now it was my turn to give him a break, "You can go back to sleep if you want. I'll take her." I offered. "No love it's fine, I got it." "Niall you look exhausted. Go back to bed for a while." "I can't, Louis and El are coming at noon." "Are you kidding me? When were you going to tell me this?" "I did.. two days ago." "I'm so sorry my lack of sleep has just made me forget everything." "It's all right" He said getting up and handing me Tally. "I'm going to take advantage of the time off and go get ready. Because I know my hair looks horrible." "Yeah.. it kinda does." I admitted. "Very funny, I'll be back in like fifteen minutes. Then the bathroom is all yours." "Thank you, I'll just get her ready." "Sounds good" And he walked out. I sat down in the rocking chair again and let Tally finish her bottle. After she was done, I changed her diaper and put her pink onesie with teddy bears on it that Annabell picked for her. She looked so adorable in it. I added a little pink headband with a tiny pink bow on it to match it. "You look so cute" I said kissing her tiny head. "All right I'm back, I'll take her" Niall said coming in. "Thank goodness because I look disgusting." I said looking down at my baggy sweats and t-shirt. Niall chuckled, "That's a lie. Tally tell mummy she looks beautiful as always." I rolled my eyes playfully, "Thanks sweetie but we both know I look terrible." I kissed her cheek and skipped out of the room. I took my shower, did my hair and makeup and got dressed. I tossed my dirty sweats and t-shirt in the hamper and went downstairs. Louis and El were sitting on the couch watching TV. And as always Louis was eating carrots. "Hey Carter!" He said cheerfully his seat next to Eleanor. "Hey Lou" I said sitting down on Eleanor's other side. "Hey El" I said giving her a side hug. "Where's my hug?" Louis whined. I rolled my eyes again and stood up. He practically tackled me in one his big bear hugs, "Louis. Yeah can't breathe." He quickly let go, "Sorry love, just so great to see ya." "Lovely to see you too" I replied smiling. "Where's Tally? I haven't seen her in ages!" El asked looking around. "Niall should be done feeding her.. want me to go check?" They nodded and went upstairs again. I poked my head into Tally's room, "Are you coming? El wants to see her." Niall looked at up from the book he was reading Tally, "Yeah, yeah just one more page." "You're reading her a story?" I asked cocking my head to one side. "Yeah! Everyone loves Goldilocks and Three Bears!" Niall said holding up the book. I shook my head, "All right Papa Bear, but Baby Bear needs to get downstairs or else Mama Bear will be upset." Niall shut the book and stood up with Tally in his arms. "Good, now I know El loves her but don't let her hold her the entire time all right?" "Why not? Last time we didn't need to lift a finger! She did everything!" "Niall! She's my daughter. Not El's. I love El very very much but I don't want Tally looking at her as her mother and not me." "Oh I see you're jealous." "I'm not jealous! I just don't want Tally calling Eleanor "mama"." "All right, all right I get it." "Yeah so if anything happens per say she needs her diaper changed one of us will do it. Not El. Got it?" "Got it" I nodded and we walked downstairs. The second she saw the baby El got up with a huge smile on her face, "Hello little princess!" She squealed taking Tally from Niall. I clenched my fists tightly by my side. I loved Eleanor very, very much she acted more like Tally's mum than I did! Niall rested his hand on my shoulder as if telling me to calm my jets. "Sorry" I mouthed to him. He nodded, "All right guys so what's up?" "Oh well you know the usual." Louis responded putting another carrot in his mouth. I raised my eyebrows at him, "Really? That's it?" "All right fine. El really wanted to see the baby again." He gestured to El giving Tally raspberries on tiny stomach. Tally giggled in delight. I scowled at Niall begging him to do something but all he did was shrug. "Everything all right Carter?" Louis asked his eyes filled with confusion. "Oh yeah. Everything's just dandy." I replied my voice rising a little after each word. "Are you sure?" He asked walking up to me. I look at Niall who gave a 'tell him!' look. I shot a 'thanks for helping!' look back. "Well..." I bit my lip before continuing. "I don't really like El spending all her time with my baby. I mean I don't want Tally growing up thinking El is her mum.." I looked up at Louis waiting for his reaction. Instead of using words he grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the room. "What are you doing?" I asked once we were away from everyone else. "I know you're upset but I mean El just loves babies. She wants one of her own one day. I keep telling her not spend so much time with Tally but she insists it's just practice for when she has her own." "Well if she wants her own baby so bad then.. well you know!" He raised his eyebrows, "Um.." His face turning red. "Sorry, I understand her motives but I mean... you know what I said!" "I'm sorry Carter. I'll talk to her." "I don't want to hurt her feelings!" "Don't worry Carter you won't." "All right." He gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and dashed off. I prayed silently that everything would be fine and Eleanor wouldn't be upset.

*A/N Hey sorry for the late publishing. I had to go last night when I was about to finish it. I saw One Direction last night and they were... SO FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!!! My voice is gone and I don't even care :) So for any of you going to see them you're going to die, because they were SO SO SO SO AMAZING!!! I took over a hundred pictures and I still don't care! Woo! All right hope you enjoyed the chapter and my little fan girl rant! Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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