Forever {Sequel to Stay, Completed}

"I'm not leaving our baby here Niall!" "Carter, love I know you're afraid but-" "But nothing! She is our daughter Niall! If we leave, she lives with us." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed. What's he going to say? What the heck is happening? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


17. Chapter 16

Niall's POV

I gasped, "NO!" I grabbed my phone from the side table of my bed and dialed 911, "911 what's your emergency?" "It's my girlfriend, she's fallen out of bed and I think she hit her head on the nightstand. There's blood everywhere! And she's unconscious. I can't get a pulse! You've got to here now!" "Calm down sir, what's your location?" I gave the dispatch the address and hung up. I called Harry after hanging up, "Hullo?" He answered sleepily. "Harry! You and Annabell need to come over here now!" "Whoa, whoa Niall slow down what's going on? It's like four in the morning." "Carter got hurt and I need to go with to the hospital. And since Louis and El-" "Say no more mate, we're coming. Once the ambulance gets there you go with her no matter if we're there or not. But we're coming, I just need to get Annabell up." "All right, just hurry though ok? You can just go into the guest room and sleep. I don't care, I just need someone here with Tally." "I know mate, I hope everything's ok. Take care." "Thanks Haz, bye." The paramedics came minutes later and loaded Carter into the ambulance and took her straight to the hospital. I sat beside her and held her hand tightly. They took her in the OR (for the hundredth time that's hospital slang for Operating Room) immediately to check on the cut on her head. I sat in the waiting for room for what seemed like hours before the doctor came in and got me. "How is she?" "Well she certainly fainted in her sleep, which of course caused her to fall out of bed and hit her head." "Does she have a concussion?" "No it wasn't a serious fall, but she have to get several stitches." I nodded, "Is she awake?" "Not yet, but the anesthesia should ware off soon." "Do you know why she could've fainted?" "We think it was from not eating a lot. Have you noticed anything about that?" I shook my head, "Not really. Was her blood sugar low?" "Just a little." "Does she have diabetes?" "I don't think so." I shrugged, "Just asking." We entered Carter's room where she was still asleep. "Will she able to go home right away after she wakes up?" "Not right away but several hours after yes. She should wake up soon, call me when she does?" I raised my eyebrows a little but nodded. I pulled up a chair next to her and held her onto her hand, "I love you princess, I'll be right here when you wake up." I kissed her hand lightly.

Harry's POV

After hanging up with Niall, I gently shook Annabell awake. "Come on love wake up" She was going to kill me but this was an emergency. "Harry! It's four-thirty in the morning! Go back to sleep!" She put head on the pillow again before I started shaking her again, "HARRY! What's going on?" I took a breath, "Carter got hurt and Niall had to take her to the hospital so we've-" "Oh my gosh is she ok?" Annabell interrupted. I nodded, "She should be but we've got to get over there so look after Tally. So you've got to get up." "All right fine, but I'm going back to sleep once we get there." She said getting out of bed. "Believe me I will be too, Niall said we can sleep but you know if Tally wakes up we've got-" "To tend to her needs. I know. Now can we go before I change my mind (Oh! See what I did there? (;)?" "Yes, by all means let's go." We went up a few floors to Carter and Niall's flat, and the instant we walked in the door Annabell went up to the guest room. I rolled my eyes, 'She would.' "I'm going to check on Tally then I'll be in." I called quietly to her. "Whatever." 'She's cranky when she's tired.' I poked my head in Tally's room, where she was sleeping soundly in her crib. 'Thank goodness.' I got into bed with Annabell, and well back asleep right away.

Carter's POV

"I love you princess, I'll be right here when you wake up." 'Wake up? Why was Niall saying "when I wake up?" Oh yeah! I'm asleep, duh! What happened? Ugh everything is groggy, ow my head hurts. Curse you night side table!' "Wake up Carter, please. I need you." I could hear Niall saying, 'Aw! He needed me! Wake up Carter! Wake up!' I opened my blue eyes slowly, "What happened?" "Oh my gosh Carter are you all right?" Niall looked worried. "I'm in a hospital. You think I'm all right?" He chuckled, "You passed out. I was worried." "I know, I don't know how it happened." "Well the doctor said it was from lack of food. You need to start eating more." "How can I when you eat us out of house and home?" He blushed, "Well um.. I'm a growing boy all right?" I rolled my tired eyes, "Yeah all right." "Just let me go tell the doctor you're awake." Niall walked out of the room and seconds later returned with the doctor. "How are you feeling Carter?" "A little dizzy, but all right." "You just need to rest, I'll get your prescription ready later. But for now you should get some sleep." "Ok thank you doctor." She smiled and walked out. "Niall if you want to go home and see Tally you-" "No, no princess. I'm staying right here. Harry and Annabell are over with Tally, no worries." I sighed, "All right. I just hate leaving her alone." "Yeah, it's separation anxiety. You'll get over it once she's a little older." "I hope so." "You get some sleep, I'll be right here if you need anything." I smiled, "Thank you Niall." I closed my eyes and fell asleep right away. 

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