Forever {Sequel to Stay, Completed}

"I'm not leaving our baby here Niall!" "Carter, love I know you're afraid but-" "But nothing! She is our daughter Niall! If we leave, she lives with us." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed. What's he going to say? What the heck is happening? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


14. Chapter 13

Louis' POV

"Louis.. I'm pregnant." El looked down at her lap as soon as she said it. My eyes widened. For the moment I was speechless. Like completely speechless. El looked up for a second, "Louis? Please say something." I sighed, "El I-" "I know you're upset but-" "Wait, wait who said I was upset? El! I'm excited! This is wonderful news!" Now she was speechless, "Are you sure?" "Yes! Of course! We're going to have a baby!" I wrapped her in a tight hug. "I'm so glad that you're excited. I honestly thought you'd be mad." "El why would I mad? We're having a baby! You've always wanted a little baby to love and take care of. I know that because well you've told me a thousand times and you're always so happy when you're playing with Tally." "That's true. I'm excited believe me but I'm also a little nervous." "What about?" "Well I mean there's the other guys, Carter, Annabell, your fans, and the press! Plus there's all those birth defects!" "El everyone will be thrilled about this! I just know it. And people are real fans they'll be happy for us and they'll support. And the press never matters. We just need to focus on being happy and knowing that we've got a beautiful baby on the way." She nodded, "You're right." "Want to go tell everyone?" "Um sure?" I grabbed her hand and pulled her off the bed and downstairs. We went up a couple floors to Niall and Carter's flat where I knew the rest of boys and Annabell were. They were probably playing Rock Band without us, shame, shame, shame. We opened the door and sure enough there they were making idiots of themselves. Niall and Harry were playing guitar, Liam was singing, Zayn was playing the drums and Annabell was singing backup. Carter was sitting on the couch with Tally in her lap, smiling brightly. "That will be you in about nine months." I whispered in her ear. She turned me and smiled, "Yep." "Oh hey Lou!" Carter looked up from Tally. "Hey guys!" They all looked our way and paused the game. "Sorry we didn't think to call you... Carter said you were busy tonight." Harry looked at me, puzzled. "Well we've got something to tell you... so all of you sit down!" I gestured to the couch. They all sat down looking confused, expect for Carter who looked just as excited as we were. "So we've got some great news! El why don't you tell them?" She shot me a 'seriously?' look before continuing, "Well... I'm having a baby!" She put her arms up in the air like a Vegas show girl. The boys looked stunned as Annabell and Carter looked over the moon. "Congrats you guys!" They came up and hugged us. "Soon you'll have a little playmate Tally" El smiled down at her in Carter's arms. "Why aren't you guys saying anything?" They all suddenly came out of their gazes, "Oh sorry Lou. We're super happy for ya mate! You too El." Niall smiled. "Yeah way to go mate!" Liam and Zayn clapped me on the back. Harry still looked stunned so I walked up him while everyone else kept congratulating El. "What's up Haz?" "Oh nothing, really pleased for you mate." "Are you sure that's all?" "Yep!" He gave me a congratulatory bro hug. "Guys are we going to play or what?" Harry asked getting up. "Yeah!" The guys cheered. "All right, Lou you're on the drums. Zayn you're on back up." "Yay!" I said grabbing the drum sticks. "What about me?" Annabell whined. "Sorry babe but you're out." Harry patted her on the shoulder supportability. "Whatever" She said sitting down beside Carter and El. "1, 2, 3, 4!" Liam counted us in. "7!" I shouted randomly.

Eleanor's POV

While the guys made complete fools out of themselves playing the game the girls kept me asking questions about the baby. Annabell the most since Carter pretty much knew all the answers. "Do you want a boy or girl?" Annabell asked tickling Tally's tummy and causing her giggle. "I don't know really. I'd be happy with either one." "What does Louis want?" Carter asked. "He's always wanted a son. Someone to play football with and stuff. But he also he'd love another girl to spoil." "Well whatever it turns out to be we'll be equally as happy." "Thanks guys, I'm really kind of nervous. Carter is giving birth as painful as it looks?" "It is before you get the epidural. Once you get that it's pretty much just a lot of pushing." "I see.." "El it'll be fine! All you need to worry about now is going to your doctor appointments regularly and eating right. Have you gone to the doctor since you found out?" I shook my head, "No not yet. I'm trying to find a day where Louis isn't in the studio or at rehearsal but there's nothing." "We'll go with you!" Annabell offered. "I'd love that but I just think having Louis there would be.." I didn't want to hurt their feelings. "No it's fine! But I mean you want to to go as soon as possible. Maybe Louis just sit this one out? He can go to the rest of them?" "I guess so, I was thinking about going tomorrow?" "Sure we'll go but I've got to bring Tally with me." Carter bit her lip slightly. "Oh that's all right, I know Niall can't bring her to the studio." "Yeah. She hates loud noises and big scary people. She's even afraid of Paul! I guess she gets that from me." "I guess she'll know what people to hang out with and what people not to. Wouldn't it be funny if he had a boy and she fell in love with him?" Carter looked confused, "I mean I don't know. If he was a good boy I guess I'd let her date him." "Well knowing Louis he'd have his sense of humor... and childlike wonder." Carter giggled, "Oh yeah. Do you have any more questions for me?" I thought for a second, "For the time being no. Oh wait! What did you do to prevent getting too big?" "I just ate lots of organic food. But I still got super fat." "Wonderful! I'm going to get fat!" "You'll be as gorgeous as ever though El." Annabell reassured me. "Thanks Annabell, you too Carter." "No problem El. Group hug!" Annabell said happily squeezing me tight.

*A/N Aw yay! Everyone's happy! Always great right? Will it last? Probably not! Drama coming up! More yay! Hope you enjoyed! Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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