Addicted to you

What happens when two people from different worlds collide.

Jason is from a wealthy family from the USA and has what most people would call the perfect life. But what happens when the pressure of his hidden life comes to haunt him?
Cassandra is an average girl from a small town in England. She never gets out of her comfort zone and prefers to stay home and be in her world of books. She gets challenged to take a chance by her best friends Danni and Jessica and when she does that's when things start to get interesting.

Both Jason and Cassie seem oblivious to the wonders of the world, such as love and beauty. The take everything around them for granted until one day they meet at a theme park.

What happens when these two collide? You'll just have to read to find out.

(PS. I've never been good at writing one of these, I would just rather leave this blank and let the title of the story interest you. Enjoy.)


1. Running never works


A bead of sweat slithers down my face as I look up into the blazing sun. Man it is hot today. I carry on pumping my feet into the ground, using my earphones to hear feel the music pulse through my veins. With them in, I was deaf to the world around me. I don't know what came over me today, I just woke up, saw that the sky was clear and decided to go for a run in our local park. Totally what you would expect from a teenager...well eighteen year old boy...I mean man.

I just needed to run. Running helped. It took away my anger and it would numb me to the point where the problems and stress around me wouldn't bother me anymore. I ran another two miles in a circle around our lake. Not only does running help clear my mind, but the scenery isn't too bad either. It almost reminds me of my old home. Once I reach a point where I feel like my legs are going to combust and I was going to die of thirst, I started to slow down and started to jog towards a bench. As I removed my earphones I recognised my name being called from a distance.

“Jason! Hey Jason! Wait up man!” I turned to see Tyler jogging behind me waving his hand. “Jesus man…I’ve been trying…to catch up…with you…for like 10 minutes.” He states breathlessly. I shake my head and laugh. How long has he been chasing me for, I swear 10 minutes ago I was on the opposite of this lake and its not quite a small lake either. Tyler looked exhausted as sweat masked his forehead and random sweat patches formed on his clothes. Not only was he one of my closest friends but we was also on the same baseball team.

“Sorry man, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.” I brush my hand through my blonde hair as Tyler raised his eyebrow at me. We continued to jog towards the bench that seemed a lot further away than I had originally anticipated.

“Like what? Does that mean…you can’t stop…every once…in a keep your invisible friend...over here…a break. Man, I need water, like pronto.” He wheezed out.

“Dude, you need to get out more and exercise.” I unzip my gym bag and pull out a bottle of water. Tyler’s eyes go wide open as he grabs the bottle before I have a chance to offer it to him.

“Thanks man, I owe you one.” Tyler happily guzzles down the water like it is the last drink he’ll ever had. I don’t understand how he’s that out of breath.

"Seriously man! Coach is gonna beat your a** when we get back." I laughed out. Ty finished the bottle and chucked it back at me. "Cheers, I didn't need any anyway." I stated sarcastically as we reached to bench. It seemed pointless now to stop.

“Aww, cheer up dude." He clapped my back as he went to sit down on the bench. I could see we had attracted the attention of some young girls, admiring us as they sat at the other end of the bench. They couldn't have been more than seventeen years old but they looked older. I had learned to know the difference between that were eighteen compared to the ones who just looked it.

I'm not going to lie. I know I'm attractive, Tyler knows he's attractive and if you throw an accent into that equation, apparently you get ten times more attractive. Girls had described us as the complete opposites of each other, Ying and Yang if you will. They had said Tyler had the dark, bad boy look, consisting of dark hair, eyes and tan skin. I however looked the opposite. More angelic...great. Well I suppose having blonde, blue eyes and tan skin, doesn't help. As I sat besides him he sat up straight and spread his arms like he had just had an eureka moment.

"I have just had the best idea ever!" Oh great here we go. His ideas have never been great. "How about we go to Thorpe Park tomorrow? You know, ride some rides, meet some girls, have some candyfloss, meet some girls. We can grab some of the other guys also. It'll be a right guys holiday! Oh man I'm excited" He proceeded to grab his phone and text rapidly. "Done. See ya tomorrow man." Before I had a moment to process this, he just upped and walked away. So I was going to waste a day at an amusement park. If my parents still had any control over my life right now, they would forbid such a thing. They would say stuff like, "You're there to study. Not fool around"

My parents had wanted me to go to university in America but I just wasn't feeling it. So I went and applied for university in England just to get away from my stuck up family. Yes they were rich and boy did they know it. I couldn't stand it anymore which lead me to take control of my life. I applied for a number of schools and eventually got accepted to all of them. I had a range, like the major ones like Cambridge and Oxford but they never appealed to me. So I decided to pick the one that suited me the most. Bath Spa. Beautiful city and away from the outside world. My parents couldn't care less what school I went to in England as long as I went. Originally they were mad but that soon changed when they realised how much this could better my future. But there was one catch, I had to come back for all family events when I was on break and that I had to pick at least one 'academic' course. So I chose English and Philosophy as a joint honours. Did my dad scream at me for not following in his footsteps? Yes. Did I care? No not really.

As I got up and started to jog towards by house I shared with the guys, I realised that Thorpe Park was not near here. It was far away...meaning I would have to get up bloody early again...great. A-holes.


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