Addicted to you

What happens when two people from different worlds collide.

Jason is from a wealthy family from the USA and has what most people would call the perfect life. But what happens when the pressure of his hidden life comes to haunt him?
Cassandra is an average girl from a small town in England. She never gets out of her comfort zone and prefers to stay home and be in her world of books. She gets challenged to take a chance by her best friends Danni and Jessica and when she does that's when things start to get interesting.

Both Jason and Cassie seem oblivious to the wonders of the world, such as love and beauty. The take everything around them for granted until one day they meet at a theme park.

What happens when these two collide? You'll just have to read to find out.

(PS. I've never been good at writing one of these, I would just rather leave this blank and let the title of the story interest you. Enjoy.)


2. Privacy please?


The weather was dull and boring when I woke up this morning and still nothing had changed later on that day, so I resulted to doing what I would usually do which was to go into my world of books. My mother had always called me her little bookworm. I smiled as I reached out and picked up 'The fault in our stars' by John Green and plopped down onto my bed. The sound of the rain was rather soothing to listen to as I imagined the scenes in my head and before I knew it I was almost halfway through the book. John Green had done it again, he had captivated my eyes with the words that seemed to flow so effortlessly on the page.

I've always thought books seem so much better than the movie remakes however my friends never agreed with me as they would prefer to see as what they would call it, 'a total hottie'. Examples included from Robert Pattinson to Jamie Dornan. As I was comfortably laying there reading my book in my room in peace, Jessica comes bounding in unannounced yet again.

"Jeez, don't you ever knock?" I mumble before she could make it to my bed and just to prove me wrong she strolls back to the door and knocks twice. Smartass. "Very funny." I say as I roll my eyes and turn the page.

Jess walks towards me for a second time and says in the most annoying voice ever,

"Oh my God Cass. Can you believe that we're going to Thorpe Park tomorrow? I mean, there's going to be rides, hot guys, candyfloss and did I mention so many hot guys!" Jess was always such a flirt when it came to the opposite gender. The male species just seemed to turn Jess into a completely different person whenever they were around. She just had a way with them and I know that if I ever needed help when it came to guys I could go to her as she just seemed like an expert in that field.

As she scrunched up her face she further says, "well, I hope so!" She continues with a smirk as i just turn up the ends of my mouth for a quick smile before returning my eyes to the book. As she strutted over and sat down besides me I couldn't help but wonder how I had become friends with her. I mean we were the complete opposites of each other. Where she loved dressing up and going out, I preferred to stay in my pyjamas and read all night long. Today she wore and floral sun dress despite the weather outside. That was Jess though, she loved to wear summery clothes and be optimistic of the day ahead. Plus it was an excuse for her to wear a dress.

Jessica had been my friend since secondary school and it all began when some girls decided to pick on me. They would always call me a prude and a virgin just because I didn't follow the ways of the school social system of doing it at sixteen, or should I say fifteen as they just seem to be getting younger these days.  One day they had decided to take it further than the usual name calling to physical abuse. I don't remember much of that day, one minute I was eating my lunch and the next I was on the ground. But from what I had heard, Jess had stood up for me against them. Ever since then we had been best friends. She had long blonde hair with bright blue eyes, and basically looked absolutely stunning. Today was no exception to that.

Danni then waltzes into my room in a similar outfit to Jess', jeez don't these people ever knock anymore. I mean I love them but I need my privacy sometimes when reading. Some girls hate being woken up from slumber, I happen to hate when I am disturbed from reading. Danni contributes,

"Well at least the weather will be hot for once. You know English weather means rain, rain and guess what?"

"More rain?" I laugh.

"Exactly." Jess replies. "You know what that means girls. It means we can actually dress up for once like we live in Florida or California. Not lil' old England. I love living here and all but I need the sun guys!" Jess says in the worst American accent I've ever heard. It's rather comical if I do say so myself. If I ever go there with her, I know I'm going to take a camera.

"Exactly. I'm just ready for some fun this summer. I need to have my adrenaline rush people!" Danni says as me and Jess just giggle. How did I manage to be friends with full on girly girls. I just block out any conversation at this point as they begin discussing what is the most fashionable outfit to wear to a theme park.

"So are we seriously going tomorrow?" I question as I officially close the book and place it on my bed side table. No point in trying to continue reading with them here.

"Yes" Both of them state in unison. I guess we were going then. That means that I won't be going on any of the big rides as both Danni and Jess hated them. I guess that also means I'm going solo for this day out.




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