teenage dirtbag

You know what's the worst part of falling for someone you know isn't right for you? It's that you do anyway in the hope that they will prove you wrong and turn out different.


3. well I won't do that again

Leigh's POV:

I ran up to my room as soon as I got in and watched Zayn drive away. Dad wasn't in, he must have been called into work or something. I had no homewrok or anything to do so I decided I would just have a chilled night in. Maybe watch a film or go for a walk or something to entertain myself. I got my laptop out and checked my twitter and facebook feeds. Nothing interesting had happened back home really but I did have a few messages from friends. Mainly just asking if I'd settled in alright and if I'd made any friends. I was about to reply when I got a text off dad: 'Hey sweetie, I've been called into work:(. Well your mums at work too so I'm afraid you will have to sort tea out yourself, I've left £20 on the side so order a pizza or Chinese.' well isn't that great. I looked at the time to see it was already 5 o'clock and I was pretty hungry so I decided to go now. I shoved on some sweats and a hoodie grabbed my money and phone and left the house. 


Zayn's POV: 

Shortly after I got home I recived a text from Louis saying we were meeting at the take away at half five to discuss our next move on the gang on the other side of down. I changed into some black skinny jeans, a plain white top and my ever faithful leather jacket and set off, I only lived 10 minutes away so I decided to save petrol and walk. I got there at 5:30 spot on and saw the lads sat around a table with a pizza and home chips. I pulled a chair up and sat with them. "Nice of you to grace with your presence Mr. Malik" Niall said jokingly, I smirked at him and we started planning what to do. After about 5 minutes I noticed Harry and Liam were looking over my head "woah she's hot" Niall also said, turning around. I turned around to see Leigh walk in the door. She must have noticed us all staring because she looked away embarrassed. "leave i" I simply said, hoping they would but oh no,"does zayn like her then?" Louis said. I quickly shook my head and they dropped it, she got her food and was heading to the door when 'the cobras' walked in (the other gang).


Leigh's Pov:

I was walking back out of the door after that horrendous experience when some more boys walked in. "what do we have here then?" "I'd bang her" "woah Would I?" were just some of the comments I heard as I walked closer to the door. "No, I don't think you would." I heard Zayn say as he guided me out of the door. "Thanks"I said and started to walk off, I didn't bother waiting for a reply because honestly I didn't want one. I was nearly at the end of the street when I heard footsteps coming after me. I started to quicken my pace and so did the person behind me, I started to run and they shouted "Leigh wait!" I knew that voice. It was Zayn. I didn't stop running though I carried on, if anything I sped up, well until a hand grabbed my waist. I was put at a sudden stop. "don't run again, I'm only walking you home" he said to me. "I don't need walking home, I'm not bothered" I lied. "we both know thats a lie so shush" he said grabbing the bag of food I was carrying so I didn't have to. aw that was quite cute, NO NO NO LEIGH THATS NOT CUTE HES SOME SORT OF STALKER. We just made small talk on the way back. We got to my house and I unlocked the door and took the food off Zayn "not going to invite me in then ?" he asked me, I opened the door, let myself in and shut it on his face. "I'll take that as a no then" he said laughing to himself as he walked down the path. 


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