teenage dirtbag

You know what's the worst part of falling for someone you know isn't right for you? It's that you do anyway in the hope that they will prove you wrong and turn out different.


4. Tuesday Troubles

Leigh's POV:

I got home and put my favorite film on. Mean Girls, THE best film going. I got my Pizza out of the box and headed up to my room to watch it, however as soon as I finished my food I fell asleep. I woke up to my alarm and got ready for school, I did my make-up and hair but then I was faced with the task of what to wear! I must have been deciding for quite a while because when I looked over to see the time I saw it was 8:15. SHIT. I quickly shoved on a pair of leggings, a T-shirt and my baggy Hollister hoodie, my day honestly couldn't get any worse I looked like the biggest chav in Bradford. Oh wait yes it could. I ran downstairs to get dad to see a note taped on the fridge with money attached saying get the bus. The nearest bus stop was a twenty minute walk and I sure didn't have time for that. Think Leigh think! I'll ring Olivia. "Hi Olivia I was wondering if you were already in school?"  I asked, hoping for the best but expecting the worst ;). "yeah sorry why?" she replied, "I'll explain to you when I get to school" I said quickly hanging up. I was scrolling through my contacts looking for a lift when I realized I had no one. 


Zayn's POV:

'Cause I'm slim shady, yes I'm the real shady 

All you other slim shady's are just imitating 

so won't the real slim shady please stand up 

please stand up.'

I heard my phone ring as I got into the car, I almost dropped my phone when I saw who it was. "hello?" I questioned, wondering why the hell she was ringing me when we both know she hates me. "hi, please will you do me a favor?" she asked. "depends what" I said, still annoyed at last nights poor display. "please will you come and pick me up, dad had t.." I cut her off before she could continue, "I'm on my way"


Leigh's POV: 

Where was he?! Just then his car pulled up, I locked the door and ran for his car. "well your in a hurry aren't you?" he said. "just hurry up we're going to be late" I said. "and?" he said, smirking and starting to drive. I was looking out of the window so he turned his radio on 'sound of da police' was on, do people actually listen to this crap? "Zayn, this will be the sound you'll hear if you don't slow the car down!!" I shouted over his music. He laughed and started driving even faster. We pulled up outside of school and I tried to open the door, but it was locked, great. I turned to face him. "listen Leigh, lets go out Friday night" he asked "lets not" I said, trying once again to get out. "Look I know where you live so there's no point arguing about it,I'll pick you up at 8 ok?"  I just nodded and got out of the car. But oh no, he wasn't done yet. "AND WEAR SOMETHING HOT" he shouted, I couldn't count the amount of heads that turned around. But he was Zayn Malik. He couldn't care less. 



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