My 'little' famous boyfriend.

I knew niall formerly, of the elementary school. we were always together. Until we were separated.. My only friend, who respected me as I was..


1. Does he knows who I am ?

*Dear Emily,

It was really (..) today. My mum and dad had a fight,

and school was like always : TERRIBLE!

It never stops. I wish that Niall was here.

He always rescued me, on school , and at home.

He called me every two hours when I was at home.

He wanted to make sure I was safe..*


'PUCK! COME HERE!' Screamed my father. 'I'm coming..' I grumbled. 'We are going to diner!' Yelled my dad angry. 'I'm coming.' I said with a tiny voice back. I sneaked down stairs.   


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