London Calling

Mia is a high school graduate who is going to London for the summer to study at Cambridge university , she lost so many friends and high school was hell for her but she comes to learn she can have real friends and the love you read about and see in Nicolas Sparks movies when she meets the one guy she never thought it would happen with Harry styles of one direction , he shows her another world beyond belief and there faced with a love worth fighting for.


1. closing one chapter opening another

Today I would officially be heading out on my own as soon as they call my name I MiaBennett would become a High School graduate the most depressing four years of my life were over. You'd think most would be happy about this or sad it was ending I on the other hand was a bit confused , I didn't really know what I was thinking I remember waking up this morning and looking in the mirror and thinking WOW!! I got through it I really got through it . I mean high school wasn't all that bad , I had oh let's say three friends since kindergarten Jamie , kris, and Rachel who pretty much decided to stop talking to me because we'll I don't know exactly why we stop talking lets just say we grew apart which sucks because they were the only three people i felt like i could trust who i told everything to and for it to just end for no reason pretty much sucks but thats life and I'm not stressing it but now I'm at the end of one very confusing chapter and now I get to write my own story. " Mia Bennett " the principal called and I walked across the stage and got my my diploma and gave a cheesy smile for my mom and got back to my seat. " I give you the class of 2012 " the principal yells and hats go up and tears fell my eyes because that's it I'm getting ready to start my life .
" Mia angel squeeze in close to your sisters " mom said overly excited she always did things like that but I loved her for it since my dad was a sorry little beotch I never really knew him only saw pictures no lost there I always told myself that he missed out  
So there was no use for that heart ache . My mom took so many pictures I mean so many , but we ate, laughed, cried all in all good way to end  the day . When I finally got home and chilled for a bit I had to start packing immediately because Saturday I would be leaving Nashville and be headed off to London, England  for two months for a art program at Cambridge university awww let's just soak this end I was going to London I mean home to princess Di and prince Harry and just ughhhh I was beyond excited when I found out , but so bummed that I couldn't tell my friends about it pretty lame to only tell your mom, but that's how it is sometimes. And she was so happy for me which made me over joyed because she was proud so I didn't really care that my Ex-friends were being rude little witches. While I was packing my mom and sisters came into the room to help me or so I thought they each had a gift bags in their hand. " hey mia,we have a little something for you" mom said while smiling " okay, what's up?" I asked " we got you something" mom said while my sister Teri and Melanie stood behind her smiling " aww you guys didn't have to" I replied " we'll we did now open mine first " Teri shouted I opened her gift , it was a oversized dark blue long champ  bag that I saw at Nordstrom that I had wanted , this made me smile and then I realized there was more inside the bag was the new pink iPod touch, black oversized cardigan, a blue cannon camera,and a moleskin notebook , I hugged my sister so tight she almost turned blue " ok, ok I'm glad you like it " she said and gave me a hug " have fun " then up next was my sister Melanie she got me $700 gift card to topshop " you can use it there, and I would ask for the personal shopper your not in high school anymore , ok." Melanie said while laughing and she hugged me as well and left. Then my mom was the last one standing she had she gift bags and a package that seemed to have come from the mail " so both your grandparents sent you something " mom said " wait what do you mean both ?" I said confused because my mom parents would always buy my sisters one gift but it would always be something pretty big " your dad parents sent you some as well " mom said looking at me weird  " oh well this should be good we have only talked maybe twice , alright hand it over " I said really annoyed I opened the box and it was a mini black iPad and a visa gift card for $500 " well I'll be damned they actually sent something that I could use" I said stunned " HEY" mom yelled " what's this ?" She picked a white piece if paper that read 
      Hello dear,
We are sorry we could not be there to see you graduate school , but we hope you like your gifts and have a great Time in London 
                - grandmother Elena, grandfather Steven 
And that was it , I think I just stared at the paper confused for about a minute and wondering how they even knew I would be in London " oh what a lovely note" I said very sarcastically  mom just rolled her eyes and handed me my other grandparents gift I was always so excited to see what they got me and she handed me this big envelope I read the letter first which said,
    Hey MiMi
We are so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished sorry we had to leave early but I'm so glad we got to share your special day with you :) know that we love you deeply and have a blast in London this summer take lots of picture so we can see 
            Love you forever and always 
                   Grandpa Harvey and grandma Katherine
See that's a note but this made me happy and they to got me money as well for a Graduation gift $1,500 I couldn't believe it " they were very generous weren't they " mom said smiling " okay finally my turn" she said while smiling and she handed me the biggest bag of the all first thing I saw were black hunter rain-boots,Chanel makeup,a pair of black ray bans , and Lilly puitzer wallet that had another check inside for $3,600 and that's when I began to cry " mom I can't take this " I said " yes you can sweetie I did some research and London is pretty expensive and I want you to have a nice time ok and you worked really hard sweetie so don't cry ok " mom said while hugging me now get some rest and we will deposit the money in your checking  account in the morning " mom Said giving me a hug and kiss I just sat there while surrounded by all of what I got , I just couldn't believe it I was actually had enough money to go and enjoy myself I mean I had only saved up $672 from my job with tutoring and babysitting and know finally I was on my way.

It saturday I can't believe it I'm headed off to London ,it was such a busy morning we had to rush to the bank and deposit all the checks I got from graduation. So my money would be in my account, I had said goodbye to my sisters that morning and mom was at the airport with me making sure I had everything , which became quite annoying " gate 5 is now boarding " a man said over the intercom " well that's me mom" I said excited but a little nervous  " okay , sweetie please call me as soon as you land be safe and have fun " mom said smiling with sad eyes I gave a big hug an kiss and said I will and ran to get checked in to flight and waved to her and mouthed " see you later" it took me four minutes to find my seat and when I did I just sighed  a silent and reminded myself -you worked hard to get here , your going to have a great summer doing something you love and learning so much- I just kept replaying this speech in my head until someone said " excuse me I have the window set next to you" a blonde girl said she seemed to be the same age as me if not older " ok let me move my things sorry about that" I said " oh no prob I'm Sammie " she said while holding our her hand " Mia nice to me you " I said shaking her hand we where instructed to turn off  all cellphone and any other devices and just like that we had taken off I noticed Sammie looked nervous excited " so where are you headed " Sammie asked me smiling " Cambridge university for the art progra" I said before I was cut off " no way , I am in the same program I'm in the sculpting program " she said happily " omg where are your papers" she asked " in my bag " I replied  let me see it will tell you who your roommate is , I haven't looked at mine yet " Sammie said we both pulled out our packets and we fell out laughing we were roommates we couldn't believe it , but we were relieved " ok so no doubt about it we will get Along " Emily said we talked about everything and how happy we were to be leaving the states she was from memphis and pretty much hated it there and she told me how she too only got money fur graduation both her parents were doctors and I told her how my mom is a CEO for a publishing company etc, then we hit a favorite topic of mine boys she was pretty much obsessed with gingerJesus Ed sheeren and we talked about one of the biggest boy band ever one direction and pretty much listened to their new album take me home " which is your fav Mia" she asked eating a sandwich " ummmmm they don't know about us it just speaks to me" I said smiling " ok so which would you want and why" Sammie said while eating " huhhgh that's a hard one there all so delicious but if I would have to choose it would be Harry he genuinely seems very sweet and kind anddd......I love his sexy face " I said laughing and Sammie laughed out loud " ok you can have him I want the nial-later " she said laughing we pretty much talked and listed to music until I realized I had fallen asleep and Sammie was waking me up " hey Mia we are here " Sammie said whispering " omg are you serious" I said " yes can u believe it" she replied overly excited " No , come on let's go" I said we got off the plane and waited for our luggage when all of a sudden we see all of these cameras chasing some guy in the airport surrounded by all these girls we couldn't see who it was so we just got our stuff and got a cab so we could get to the university " who do you think that could have been Sam " I asked " I have no clue but did you notice there were five people they were chasing you don't think" sammie said with a curious grin on her face we both stopped and looked at each " nah hh" we both said laughing we got to campus pretty quick , we had a little orientation to go to and then we got to our dorm room which was pretty spacious it was very homely like a little cabin almost we both had a desk and wardrobe and the  best thing our own bathroom. "Omg! Mia I can't believe we are in London " Sammie said looking out the window " I know " I replied looking around " what should we do our first night here , when we finish un-packing ?" I asked " we'll it's getting late so shopping is out sooo..." Eat !!! We both said laughing out loud ,so when we finished getting settled we showered and changed and left for nandos , I was really excited to try the food here because I had heard a lot about it ,when we got there it was so crowed  there were so many cameras and screaming girls every where crying and pushing to get in the door an me and Sammie just looked at each other like the food couldn't be that good , so we decided to wait at this little pub next door until the police cleared the way and as we watched we saw how most of the girls were running and still trying to get in until it started raining which made me happy that I had on my hunter rain boots my mom got me so once the madness was over, we waited ten minutes just to be safe and then we walked back over there " what the hell  was that about" I said laughing " I know right" Sammie said curious . We walked in and all of a sudden this guy bumps me and like a nerd I fell  hurting my knees "ughhh what the hell" I said in pain then I felt someone grab my elbow " excuse me love I'm so sorry are you ok" a Voice that wasn't sammie asked me I looked up and I suddenly realized who had knocked me off my feet literally ,he helped me up and suddenly I was looking in to a very tall handsome guy with curly hair and that sexy smile I had seen before it was Britain's on Harry styles of one direction " hey are you ok" Harry kept repeating looking worried " yes, ummm I'm fine" I replied clearing my throat , at that moment I then took in my surroundings and noticed that all of one direction was in front of me and Sammie trying her best to keep her cool but making sure I was ok "I'm so sorry again love it was my fought I didn't see you " Harry said apologetic  " ohhh.. It's quite alright" I said smiling losing my balance " are you positively sure your alright you look very light headed beautiful " Harry said " yes I'm ok its just my vertigo" I said smiling trying to keep my balance Harry was about to say something before Liam cut him off " for crying out loud Harry leave the girl alone she said she was alright" he said annoyed at that moment I just wanted to leave and I could tell sammie was annoyed so she grabbed my hand and we luckily got a cab right in front of the restaurant " heyyy" I heard someone yell but I didn't look back I just wanted to get out of there when me and Sammie finally got back to the dorm  we both were stunned on just the entire thing and our first night here we see a celebrity " Mia but like are you sure your ok love" Sammie said laughing " haha very funny,I can't believe what happened " I said surprised getting my wallet out of my coat pocket" oh my god!!! " I yelled " what's wrong Mia" Sammie running out the bathroom " my wallet it's gone , it gone my passport, bank card , school ID everything was in there sam" I said freAking out " ok just calm down we'll look through everything ok" she said trying to keep me calm we looked through everything for about two and a half hours " it's useless ... I'm going to be stuck here forever" I said lowly falling into a pillow " wait .... But no that couldn't be possible" Sammie said sitting down touching her lip " what couldn't be possible " I said rising off the pillow " I mean Mia think about it he knocked you Down , and when we were leaving someone yelled heyy" she said while standing up with her hands on her face " so you mean to tell me Harry sexy styles has my wallet with all my info " I said pacing back and forth that's when we both looked at each other "Omigod" we both yelled " Omigod,Omigod do you think he will turn it in , what the hell am I going to do ?" I said hibervenulating  " hey calm down just calm down we will figure something out after class ok let's just get done rest have a kick ass day at school then we will deal sexy face ok" Sammie said " ok your right I need some rest big day tomorrow " I said pulling back my cover " goodnight" we both said and turned out the light

I couldn't believe I knocked a innocent girl down on the ground, it was really weird because she was probably the first girl that didn't freak out when she saw me , and when I helped her up I got a good look at her and she was really beautiful her eyes caught me off guard she had bright hazel brown eyes and all she did was smile at me confused ,she had long brown hair and tanned skin just like liams girl Danielle and she was about a inch shorter than me ,I couldn't believe how rude Liam was I know he didn't mean it because him and Danielle had a fight but I hope she didn't get the wrong idea about us well me  because something in me wanted to see her again and apologize , and now I had a reason to because I have her wallet ughh I wonder would it be wrong to look at it " no Harry put it down" but on the other how will I know how to find her and she may need it and I need to know her name " oh crap did she tell me her name "shit" I said out loud I forgot her name or if she even told me .after staring at it for about an hour I had no choice , I opened it and inside was her passport, cash, gift cards , student Id, etc. so I decided to go for the passport because it would have more information and I found out to very important pieces one :being her name was Mia ,two: she is from the states ,Nashville ,tn , at that moment I knew I had to return it to her but I had to find out where she was staying so I had to dig some more and came across her Cambridge university ID which was just taken because her hair and jacket were the same so Sherlock Harry had just found out about his mystery girl and was headed to college " hey guys I found out who she is and where she staying"  I yelled " be back" Harry, Harry wait where are you going " nial asked while eating my donuts " to Cambridge university that's where she going and I have her wallet , so believe me she will need it" I said grappling my donuts " umm yeah ok it Sunday you won't be let on the campus , just wait until Monday 
Then take it to her" nial said laughing while snatching my donuts back " alright! , fine it's a boys night so lets just hang" I said taking my jacket back off and grabbing a drink , it was late so we decided to crash at fancy little hotel since we were to pissed to drive well zayn was . So first thing tomorrow I would find her

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