Turkish rose

Lillian's an orphan - her dream to become an international pole vaulting star - just like her father, and what her mother would have wanted her to be.
Yet fate seems out to ruin her dreams and desires. What will she do to overcome them?

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4. Chapter 4

The new Sydney atmosphere around me was completely different to what I was used to back in Turkey. It was so noisy, with people running backwards and forwards, cases being taken off aeroplanes by big trucks - not by hand like in Turkey. 

Pushing my memories of childhood to one side, I heaved my luggage into a taxi. 

It was cramped, so different from the rest of Sydney, a stark contrast to the enormous air port. My elbows on my knees, my bag by my side, we drove in silence all the way to the Dreamboat Hotel. 

But this silence only led to more memories. 

When we arrived the hotel was even bigger than I first imagined, with gleaming glass doors and balconies of sterling silver. Lucky it was paid for by my Aunt!

 I checked in ; the staff struggling to understand my poor English. They sent me to my room - huge with a four poster bed to the right of the door; a wardrobe with an ornate mirror on it. I'd never seen such a heaven like place in all my life. 

Could this be the end of my misfortune?  

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