Turkish rose

Lillian's an orphan - her dream to become an international pole vaulting star - just like her father, and what her mother would have wanted her to be.
Yet fate seems out to ruin her dreams and desires. What will she do to overcome them?

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11. Chapter 11

On the second day we had a really early start of 8:30.

We were ment to be at the stadium by that time ready to start competing again.

Fiona and I had agreed to get there eariler so we could congratulate each other for yesterday as well as talk about the other things going on.

I hadn't realized how many people would be there already, I don't think Fiona had either.

Tazna, Marie, Alexandre and a whole load of other people were there and warmed up already.

We made our way over to them.

Alexandre greeted us with a nod but bearly looked up at us.

Marie was alot nicer coming over to talk to us.

She explained alot of presure was on our sholders as the Spanish Olympian Javier Garcia( the Bronze medalist) was coming to watch us.

I was so excited.

Yet I was even more nervous!

What if I didn't pass 4 meters 50?

He normally gets over 5 meters 55!

If I failed this measly little jump he would be appalled.

We were about to start; everyone was filing into the already crowded arena, making even more noise than yesterday.

Today was a new day and I was going to impress Javier Garcia.


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