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7. Zayn and Niall imagine **DIRTY**

Hey guys, Maddie (the author, duh!!! :P lol) here, so I decided that instead of using Y/n I am going to put them in my point of view, using my name... I changed my mind, request away




Clean/ Dirty

Plot line


Feel free, and if you want me to do preferences like how you meet, then please tell me!!!!

This is also my first full on dirty writing so... Yesh.... I did mean to put the s there instead of and a


Bye bye my lovelies!!!




I am laying in bed at a sleep over with my best friend Zayn and Niall when I feel some one open my mouth and put a clothe into it. I try to move my hands but they are tied to the bed posts. I feel something being taken off of my eyes, I guess I was wearing a blind fold

I open my eyes to see Zayn and Niall staring at my body, it's then when I realize I am completely naked

I pull at my arms and try to get free

"No use sweetheart, you're not gonna get out"  Zayn says with a evil grin

"You see.... Niall here is a little on the short side when it comes to sex.... so we are going to show him" He comes over to my head and brushes the hair out of my face and smiles softly down at me

"Cooperate and you won't get hurt, you disobey or deny, you get punished, Understand?"

I nod, fear in my eyes

"Now... Maddie.... I am going to show Niall the basics of how to please a girl" he looks at Niall

"A very good way to turn her on is by finding her sweet spot.... on most girls it's usually on the jaw line or collarbone... Want to try to find Maddie's?"

Niall nods and walks over to my head. I look at him, pleading him with my eyes but he just starts kissing my jaw line and down to my collar bone

I smirk inside knowing he will never find it until I feel Niall stop kissing and on my other side, Zayn's lips just behind my ear. I gasp, hoping it sounded like I wasn't expecting it and he slow starts to suck on the spot and I bite down on the cloth trying not to moan

"I know I found it Maddie, no point in hiding it" he says against my skin as he bites it gently

I gasp and moan lightly, feeling him smirk against the skin. He bites it and sucks it, leaving a mark

"Now... the next thing is the breasts" he smirks down at me

I shake my head with pleading eyes but he just chuckles and slowly starts to massage my right breast and Niall goes at the other one

I close my eyes and I feel lips on both breasts. I feel teeth nip at my nipples and I moan quietly

Zayn takes the cloth out of my mouth "You like this don't you?"

I shake my head "N-No..."

He pinches my nipple really hard while twisting the. I scream in pain "Okay yes!! I like it!!" I say trying to get him to stop. He smirks and lets go, I let out a sigh of relief

"Now lets see how wet you are" he slowly moves his hand down my stomach and to my heated, dripping wet pussy

"Very wet... Niall, you try to take it from here and I will be right back" Zayn gets up and walks out

He puts his hand and feels up and down my throbbing heat

"Who made you this wet?" He growls in my ear

I don't answer and just breath heavily

He starts to rub my clit "You think I am stupid? I know how to have sex, I know what to do, I just wanted an excuse to take control of you... Zayn know that too that's why he left. Now I am going to ask you again... who made you this wet?"

I moan but don't answer

"It's only going to get worse darling" he starts to rub me harder and faster "Who made you this wet"

I moan loudly and manage to stumble out "Z-Zayn" teasing him

"Wrong answer darling" he starts to finger my fast and hard, hitting my G-spot

"I am not letting you cum until you tell me who made you this wet" he growled

I moan really load as he goes faster, hitting my G-spot every time "P-Please!!!" I scream arching my back

"No!" He growls "Answer my question, I am going to ask you one more time before I make you squirt, who made you this wet?"

He goes really fast, sticking another finger in and hitting me in all the right spots

I can't get the words out so I just moan louder than I have ever and I squirt

I breath heavily as he stops and I come down from my high "You are a dirty little whore, you know that?" he walks over to the dresser and pulls out something that I can't see

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"Shut up" he growls walking back over to me

"We are going to try this again only this time, you won't be able to cum until you answer me and every time I ask and I don't get an answer the vibrator's power goes up..." he says pulling a little vibrator out from behind his back "Got it?"

I not and he starts to finger me, I moan "Who made you this wet?"

I don't answer, just enjoying the pleasure

He chuckles darkly and puts the vibrator in my pussy with his finger and turns it on low

"Why made you this wet?" He says moving his fingers in and out, his other hand holding the vibrator

"I told you.... Z-Zayn" I mutter as I moan a little louder

"Wrong again" he turns the vibrator up

"Try again" he says looking at you, moving his fingers faster


He turns the vibrator up all the way, getting impatient

I scream "Answer me one more time..." he says darkly

"C-Can I please c-c-cu-um"

"No!! Answer my question"

"P-Please!!!" I can't hold it any longer, my whole body shakes and I let out a loud sigh

"Did you just cum?"

I stay silent

"Did you just fucking cum without permission?!"

"Y-yes..." I close my eyes

I feel my body being turned over, my arms twisting making them hurt a lot

"Big mistake" he spanks me 10 times really hard

"P-Please... No more"  I cry

He sticks his hand on my pussy "You're enjoying this aren't you?"


"Yes you are, you got wet from being spanked. You know what? Fuck it"


I hear the door open and close and soft whispering

I keep my eyes closed as I am being turned back over I feel a hand touch my forehead and I flinch "Shhh.... it's okay" They brush the hair out of my face "I am done hurting you" he says softly as he wipes my tears

I open my eyes and see him and Zayn on either side of me

They untie my hands and I slowly sit up looking at them fearfully

"Do you want me to be more gentle?" Niall asks softly, kneeling down beside me

I nod and sniffle as more tears come down

"It's okay, you can stop crying darling" He wipes the tears and kisses my cheek gently

Zayn sits down on the bed

I keep my eyes on Niall still crying

"Did I scare you?"

I nod, afraid of my voice

"What's wrong? Gone mute?" Zayn chuckles

"I-I...... I want to please you" I say wiping my tears as I look from Niall to Zayn back to Niall

"Are you sure sweetheart?" Niall asks cautiously

I nod "Ye-es"

"We'll be more gentle this time" Niall stands up

"Or.... We could let her do what she wants, just tell us what she wants us to do to her" Zayn says looking at Niall

Niall nods and looks at me and I nod

I look at Zayn and slowly push him back onto the bed, making him lie down

I pull his shirt off and unbutton his pants

He bites his lip as I lower his pants and boxers at the same time and my hand grazes on his cock

I take the cock into my hands and start to suck it

I hear him moan and I smirk

After I am done I go over to Niall and slowly lift his shirt

I lean in and whisper "You know you were always my favorite" and kneel down, pulling his pants off with me

I take him into my mouth as he grabs my hair. I suck him until I feel him twitch

I pull out and he groans in annoyance

I just push him down onto the bed and lower myself onto him

"Oh fuck" I say as I go as deep as I can and I start to ride him

He holds my waist and I moan with him "Fuck, Zayn fuck my ass" I say as I kiss Niall roughly

Niall starts to thrust into me as I feel Zayn slowly enter my ass and his pace quickens

I bite Niall's lip to keep from screaming. I pull away to breath "Oh god, faster!!!" I attack his lips again as they both go as fast and hard as they can and I scream into his lips. "I-I'm gonnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" I scream and release my juices all over both of them

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