One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


8. The New Kid

**I am righting this on my phone so bare with me lovlies** Niall's Pov I am eating breakfast when my mom randomly grabs my arm and drags me outside 'My food!!!!' I whine She drags me across the street and knocks on the door 'Maura, darling... What do you need' a nice lady answers 'Do you think your daughter can walk with Niall to school? I am running late and he doesn't know how to het there' 'Mom, standing right here and do too!!' I protest She looks at me and smirks, oh god I know that look... 'Mom?' 'Oh shush it and walk to school with Maddie' 'I heard my name?' A gorgeous girl walks into view 'Maddie darling, This is Niall.... Do you mind walking him to school?' Her mom says 'Not at all' she smiles looking at me I look at my mom who is just smirking 'Mom I'm still mad at you for taking me away from my breakfast' I glare folding my arms 'Oh get over it big baby. It's just food' I gasp dramatically, sarcastically of course 'How dare you!!' Maddie laughs and grabs my arm, pulling me inside to the kitchen 'Food?' She hands me a plate of pancakes 'Did you make these?' I say as I bite into the deliciousness 'Yup' she nods 'Oh my god these are amazing, Marry me' She laughs and takes my empty plate 'I am being serious, if I could get food that every day my life would be complete' 'Well, come over early every morning then I will male it for you... Just not on the weekends... You wake me up on a Saturday morning you die... Now let's go!!!! We are going to be late!!' We walk to the door but before we leave her mom stops me 'You know I haven't seen her genuinely smile like that in so long, I don't know what you did but thank you' I nod and we walk to school We walk to her locker first and some dude walked up to her 'Hey hefty' he snickers 'Leave me alone Jake... Not today' 'And who's gonna stop me if I don't?' He pushes her up against the lockers 'Hey!!! Why don't you listen to her and leave her alone' I push him away 'And who are you?' He says pushing me back 'I'm her boyfriend so I suggest you leave her the fuck alone' I push him onto the floor and he stands up, hurrying o 'Boyfriend huh?' She smirks closing her locker I chuckle 'I just saved you from getting hurt and that's the first thing you say?' I smile at her 'Sorry, I just have never had anyone to call me their girlfriend, even if its just fake' she looks down 'Who says it was fake?' 'What are you talking about?' 'I might have been joking when I asked you to Marry me, but maybe I wasn't when I said I'm your boyfriend...' I grab her hand 'I-I.... But... We just met, not that I don't like you because I do but you, we don't know eachother but.... I just... It's also I have never had a boyfriend or a friend or anybody like me and I just I don-' I cut her off my kissing her.... Holy fireworks...
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