One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


11. Niall Imagine 3

You are sitting on your bed, on twitter, you tweeted Niall

"So I almost killed myself.... but then I thought of you and imagined you telling me not to do it, so i didn't... you saved my life..."

You don't expect him to tweet back or even see it because he has like over 12 million followers but still

You are about to fall asleep when Niall tweets something

"I have the sweetest fans in the world, I can't believe I stopped a girl from killing herself without doing anything"

You stop and think... it couldn't be you.... could it?

"Who ever she is she is a slut" you see a bunch of tweets like that

"Hey!! Stop calling her stuff like that, not nice!" You smile at his tweet

"Niall!! That's me!! Please follow me!!" Some random girl replied

"Hell no" you say out loud

"@1Dlover0899 (my twitter ;P) I am so glad I have have that effect on you!! Thank you" 

You gasp and tweet back "Uhm, I think I should be the one saying thank you, you did save my life"

"Her?! You kidding me? She is a hoe!!" Is a reply

You reply to that "Thanks slut :) Try again"

You hear loud laughing from outside and you look out and see Niall sitting just outside on the curb

You gasp and slowly walk downstairs. You open your door and walk over "E-Excuse me??" You say nervously

He turns around and smiles brightly "Hello love"

You smile a bit and your twitter goes off you see another tweet from that girl "Ew, why are you talking to me, c'mon Niall, why her? Why not some one pretty like me?"

"Ha!!!! You made a funny!! How about you and your ugly ass leaves this 'hoe' alone" you tweet back

You look back up and Niall is looking at his phone again "Uh... What are you looking at?"

"This girl on twitter..." he looks at you then at your twitter then his eyes widen and they look back at you "Y-You're..."

You nod and look down

He stands up and hugs you "Can I do something?" He looks into your eyes

You nod and feel his lips crash onto yours...... All you could think was "God I love this boy"

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