One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


6. Niall Imagine 2

Your Pov

You are walking into the school keeping your head down because you know that no body likes me. You walk into class and sit there waiting for every one to show up.

"Hey Y/n" The devil himself walks up "Looking rather slutty today" he smirks

"Leave me alone Niall"

"Awwe, did I hurt someone's feelings?"

"Can't you just leave me alone for one fucking day"

"Hmm...... No, because it's too fun watching you cry" don't cry, don't cry... Don't let him win

"Whatever" You look down at your books

"Did I say I was done talking to you?" He pulls the book out of your hands

"Give it back!!" You stand up trying to grab it

When he pulls it back so you can't get it, the class starts laughing

He pulls it up higher and when you almost grab it he stands up on your chair to get it higher

"Fuck you" You jump and stand on your desk and get close to his face "Give, it, back"

"Or what?" all of a sudden a picture of you and your mom and dad before they died falls out of the book

You jump down and grab it, trying not to cry "Please just give it back"

"No because watching you do that was fun, try again" you feel your blood boil as you look at the picture

You stand up and look him in the eye when he gets down. You get close to him, clutching the picture in your hand "Give me my book back, now" You say through clenched teeth

"No" he says stepping closer "Why is this book so important anyways" he reads the title

"The Day That Changed My Life? Never heard of it"

"Because it was never published" You try to grab it

"Then why do you have it?" He pulls it away

"Just give me my mom's book back!!!!!" You scream at the top of your lounges and snatch it. Every one in the class is now silent you and Niall are staring at each other, shock all over his face

"What is going on here" the teacher asks walking in

"Nothing, I was just leaving" You grab all of your stuff and run out of the class room. You go to your locker and bang on it crying

"You know yelling at people isn't nice" An Irish accent says from behind you

"Yeah, and torturing people is?" You turn around

"You do realize that you will have to pay for yelling at me, right?"

"Oh really? and what are you going to do that you haven't already done? You know what Niall? I am done with your bull shit... I deal with it every day and I am sick and tired of it. You are a sick bastard that finds joy  in kicking people who are already down and it makes me so mad!! You are a dick!!"

The next thing you know he slaps you and pins you up against the lockers "You have no idea what I am feeling.... Do you think I enjoy being like this? I have to so no one feels bad for me.... So before you go and accuse me of something maybe you should think about what they are feeling"

"Maybe you should be telling yourself that' you run passed him and run home crying

When you get home you put ice on my cheek and you cry myself to sleep


When you get to school the next morning Niall just looks at you. He doesn't walk up to you or anything and the look in his eyes almost say he's sorry...

You shake the thought and walk to my class and sit down.... you read from where you were yesterday before Niall walks in

You can tell he is staring at your bruise that you couldn't cover with make up or anything... it was being stubborn

"D-did I do that to you?" Niall says looking at the bruise

You shrug and keep reading

"Y/n... Listen...." He pushes your book down slightly, you sigh and put the book down still not talking to him "I am sorry.... I don't know what got into me I didn't mean to hit you.... Please forgive me"

"For what? For hitting me or for everything? Because for all I know you'll just do it again"

"For everything.... I say those things to you because I know you hate me..... and that's how I let my feelings out.... I have been in love with you for 4 years and when I found out you thought I was a disgusting pervert I was so mad.... I guess I just took it out on you ...."

"I don't hate you...." You look down

"You don't?"

"No, Niall.... I don't.... I was just hurt that you always said those things to me.... When you hit me.... I thought that that was the last chance of getting you to come to your senses going down the drain... I was in love with you when you first walked into this school..... I just wasn't the most popular so I couldn't talk to you without getting made fun of..."

"Y/n? Look at me" he tilts your head up so he can look into your eyes

"I thought about what you said... to tell myself what I was telling you to do... and I did.... I am so sorry...."

You don't say anything and just get lost in his eyes

He slowly leans in and his soft lips meet yours... Oh my fireworks was it amazing

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