One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


19. Missing Puzzle Piece

Do you know that feeling you get when you're with the one you love? Yeah.. that's what I feel with Niall, he is supposes to be teaching me to play guitar but he's late. After an hour he rushes in "Hey, sorry I'm late.... I uh, got caught up..." he sits down with his guitar.

I sigh and roll my eyes "Hey Ni..." I look at him "Who are you going to prom with?"

He looks at you curiously, wondering why you would be asking this, "Uh... no one right now why?"

"Well.. I was just... wondering.... would you like to g-go... with... me like, together.."

"Are you asking me to prom Y/N?" He smirks, loving how nervous you are.

"D-Do you want me to be?" I look at him through my eyelashes as I play with my fingers.

He lifts my chin "I would love to go to prom with you Y/N" he kisses my cheek making me blush. 


The next day I go to school, everyone talking about prom, being as it's tomorrow. I walk to my locker and get my books and then walk over to Niall who is waiting for me by the canteen. "Hey Ni" I smile as he hugs me.

He smiles and we walk to class. We sit down in our seats, him sitting behind me "Hey babe" The bitch of the school walks up to Niall and sits on his desk "We're going to prom together right?' She cuts in our conversation.

"Of course babe" he says not even glancing at me as he kisses her. My heart shatters and I turn around in my seat and doodle in my notebook, trying to hold back my tears.

"Y/N!" The teacher knocks me out of my thoughts half way through class "I asked you a question" she folds her arms.

I sigh "I'm sorry, can you repeat it?"

"What is x if y equals π and b equals the square root of 10?"

"Uh...." I look in my note book, I did all this like 3 weeks ago so.. "50.7 but miss" I look up at the board "Y shouldn't be π it should me the x squared and b should be 7, that entire second step is off" 

She furrows her eyebrow and looks at it again "Well I'l be... uh... Y/N... you.. go to... uh.. you can go to the library today like you asked...." 

I sigh in relief and grab my stuff, glaring at Niall as I walk out. At lunch I sit down at my regular table and pick at my food "Hey, you okay? You've been out of it the entire day" Niall sits across from me.

I sigh angrily "Fine" I snap pushing my tray away.

"No you're not, you're mad at me.. what did I do" he looks at me cautiously.

"What do you think you bloody did?" I say louder than I meant to "You said you would would go to prom with me but then agreed to going with your little girlfriend!" I stand up, all eyes on us.

"Why is it that big a deal?"

"Because! You don't get it do you?! I love you you fucking idiot and now the entire school knows! I love you and you blow me off! You know what?! Have fun at your fucking prom, I hope you don't do anything you regret" I dump my tray on him before throwing it across the table and walking out.

I go my next class, which, goody! I have with him! Note the sarcasm. I sit down I'm the front and wait for the end of lunch bell to ring. When he walks in his hair is wet and he is wearing his gym clothes he glares at me and I give an angry smirk. He sits down on the other side of the class. When she walks in she glares at me before walking over to Niall and kissing him. As the class goes on we are taking notes as the teacher goes "Uh excuse me sir?" He looks at me (I'm totally making things up here) "The Mississippi turnover didn't happen until 1730 not 1720... and all those events are wrong, the battle of Jerico was won by the British... and the Hay Act killed of 90% of horses, because they poisoned them... not 50% of humans..."

"Maybe you should just listen to the lesson, instead of correcting the teacher" Niall snaps making everyone 'oohhh' 

I look at him "I wouldn't have to if the facts were right, I read the book he got the facts from, it's no where near accurate, have you read it? Oh wait.. you don't read anything that is more than 3 pages." Everyone laughs and he glares.

"Guys, stop, Miss Y/L/N is right, these facts are wrong, you may go do whatever" he looks at me "You obviously know the whole lesson" I nod and stand up, grabbing my stuff.

"Nerd!" Some one yells and it isn't until I look back and see Niall high fiving people that I realize he said it.

"Grow up, at least I'm not failing every class" I snap walking out. I am about to leave school when the principal stops me.

"I saw what you did to Niall at lunch" he folds his arms. He quite frankly scares me. "That kind of stuff is not acceptable Miss Y/L/N"

"Sorry sir, it won't happen again.." I look down.

"Well I am going to have to call you father"

"No!" I look up at him in panic "Y-You can't...."

"Sorry, I'm gonna have to" he pulls me to the office and dials the number.


After about a half an hour I am being dragged out of the school by my dad "You aren't going to prom tomorrow"

"I don't want to anyways" I sigh and get in the car.

We drive home and when we get there he drags me inside by my hair. He throws me on the ground and slaps me "Go to your room.. I am going on a trip, I'll be back Monday" he snaps and I run upstairs, I see the dress I bought hanging there.

I sigh and start crying. I look in the mirror and see a bruise forming. The next day I wake up and my cheek hurts. I look at the dress.. my dad isn't home... I can go.. show Niall what he's missing..

The dance is at 4 and it's 11. I go and eat breakfeast then wash all the dishes. By then it's 12 o'clock. I go and take a long, hot shower. I get out and blow-dry my hair. I curl it and put it into a low messy side bun. I do my makeup and make sure my bruise is covered. I look at the time and see it is 3 so I stand up and get my dress out. I spend most of the hour trying to zip it. When I am ready I have 15 minutes so I go to the car and start driving to the school. As I get out and walk into the building, all eyes turn to me. I feel uncomfortable and turn to a guy standing by the door passing out Homecoming Queen vote papers "Why is everyone staring"

"Because you look like a princess" he smiles handing me a paper. I blush and vote for some random girl and put it in the box.

I sit down at a table and watch as everyone slowly goes back to the dance and the music starts again. After a while the principal comes on stage "Can I get your attention, can all of the people running for Queen come up to the stage with their escorts?" They do and he unfolds the envelope. Ne furrows his eyebrows and looks back at the people. He leans down to the people and whisper something and they show a pile of the papers "Well okay... this is a first.." he clears his throat "The queen isn't someone on the court but they got a majority of the votes... can Y/N Y/L/N come up to the stage..."

My eyes widen and some girl pushes me up to the stage. I walk up the stairs slowly. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Your 2013 prom queen is Y/N Y/L/N" every one cheers and... she... protests.

"How is that possible! She didn't even run!" She stomps her feet and I have to contain my laughter at how childish she looks. Out of the corner of my eye is see Niall chuckling, trying to not laugh loudly but fails miserably. We both burst out in laughter and everyone looks at us like we are crazy "What's so funny, bitch" she walks up to me, making me walk to the edge of the stage "You know, I never liked you, so this is going to be fun" she pushes me, making me fall of the stage, a few people try to run and catch me but I land on the ankle I landed on when my dad pushed me down the other day. I cringe and try to not cry. People surround me and she is dragged out of the building. I stand up and limp out, trying to not cry. I drive home and quickly take the dress off, and wipe the makeup off. 

When my dad gets home Monday he randomly beats me. I realize I am out of makeup and hide my face in my hoodie and hair. I limp around the halls and zone out most of my classes. At P.E. I sit out and don't dress. Niall comes over and sits down next to me "You okay? You seem a bit out of it" I nod and mess with my phone "why are you wearing your hood?" I ahrug and he tries to bring it down but I stop him, he sighs and pushes my hand away bringing my hood down and moving my hair out of my face. I close my eyes, scared of his reaction. I hear him gasp and I open my eyes. He is looking at me with furious eyes. He stands up and walks across the gym to the door.

"Niall!! Wait" I chase after him. All eyes are suddenly on us. He keeps walking "Niall!!!!" I shout making him stop. He turns to face me "What are you going to do?"

"What the bloody hell do you think?! Y/N this has been going on for too long, be deserves to be in jail yet you let him beat you, you let him kill your mother and took the bloody blame for it! If I hadn't been there than you'd still be in jail today! The man is deranged! He deserves to be taught a bloody lesson!" He gets closer to me. I start to tear up.

"I know... I know... b-but he's trying to change..." I say softly

"Bullshit! Look at your face Y/N.. did that to you! How could you be okay with that?!" 

"I'm not! How could I be okay with my own father beating me?! But you know what?! I don't give a shit! It's better than getting betrayed by the person who I loved most in the world!"

He stops and sighs "I'm sorry..." he looks down "I-I didn't know how much it would hurt you" 

"Exactly, you didn't because you don't care, let me handle my dad. Do me a favor and leave me alone" I walk passed him and out of the gym. I leave the school. I get home and see my dad laughing with a bunch of his friends.

"What are you doing home so early?" He glares at me.

"I felt sick..." I go to the stairs but am stopped.

I am pulled into the center of the living room and all the guys surround me "She's a beauty, let's see what's beneath these clothes" one says and tries to strip me but I bite him.

"Touch me you die" I glare.

My dad punches me and they all start beating me. The door busts open and one last kick is made to my stomach before a gun goes off and a bunch of cops come in, cuffing the guys. Niall runs over and sits me up against the wall "I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner, oh god... I'll be back, don't move anything." He rushes upstairs and I sit there, to weak to do anything. My face is beat, my stomach is cut and bruised. He comes back with a first aid kit. He hurriedly cleans my cuts and bruises. When he finishes I have enough energy to stand up and walk to the couch "Y/N... listen... I didn't know I would hurt you like that but that doesn't mean I don't care. I broke up with her last night and now I want to do something" he turns my head towards him and I feel his lips on mine. "I love you too, be mine?"

I smile and kiss him again, my life is complete, I found my missing puzzle piece.

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