One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


16. Make it or break it

Do you guys know the show make it or break it? No? Well fine... well I am training to become on the Olympic gymnastics team. I walk into training to see new people there at my station. I sigh and walk over to my personal trainer, yeah my parents are rich, what about it? "Hey Steve" I smile softly at him

"Oh! There she is!! My star" he hugs me "Look, the team try outs are in a month as you know. Well we are also training for the boys team. So you are going to need to switch stations"

"What? Steve I have perfected every station in here except this one, I need to work on vault! You can't make me give it up to some newbe" I fold my arms

"They requested it and a little practice doesn't hurt" he says calmy

"No! It is my dream to get this and they are not going to ruin it, now I am going on vault" I drop my bag and go to the end of the vault line. I run and jump, doing a flippy, turn thing (I don't know names) in the air and land on my feet but loose balance and fall "Damnit!"

"Hey don't cut yourself short, you lost balance. Try bending your knees a bit" I look up to see a blonde boy with piercing blue eyes

"Uh... okay..." I stand up and go back to the end. I do the vault and bend my knees landing perfectly "That is the first time I have landed that!" I look at him smiling

"I'm sorry did I just see you land on of the hardest vaults?" Steve walks over

"Yes you did, and I don't think you should've tried to take the station away just because of me and my friends" The blonde boy says the looks at me "Niall by the way"


"I know" he laughs at my confusion "You are the reason I started gymnastics"

I smile a bit "Well it's great to be well known" I walk over to the uneven bars. I chalk up my hands and get below them. "Okay...." I take  a deep breath and jump, grabbing the bar. I do flips and junk and stand on top of the bar, leaning forward and grabbing the other bar, I do more flips and turns and I let go mid turn, flipping 3 times and spinning 360 before landing on my feet

I hear a lot of clapping and I look at see Niall and 4 other boys standing there

"Why aren't you guys practicing?" I take my hand things off and wipe the chalk off my hands

"Watching you is a good warmup, don't you think boys?" Niall says smirking and the other boys nod

"Yeah maybe on showing you what not to do" Crystal, the bitch who hates me walks over "Let me show you how its done" she chalks up and does an elementary bit and lands off balance "See?" She smirks at the boys

"Sorry babe but she got you beat big time, you didn't even land on balance" I fee Niall put his arm around my shoulder

"Yeah, hers was a level 10 yours wasn't even level 2" I hear one of the others say

She scoffs and marches off

"That was amazing" I turn to the boys

"We try" One with brown hair and blue eyes lighter than Niall's wipes imaginary dust of his shoulder 

I laugh "Yeah, you keep thinking you're cool" I walk to the beam

"Hey!!" He whines and I hear the other boys laugh

"Y/n!!" I turn and look at Steve "Go home, you have the day off..."

"Who's coming?" I fold my arms raising an eyebrow

H sighs "C.E.O... they said I work you too hard and you are here when they get here then I'll be in trouble"

I laugh and grab my stuff "Bye Steve!!" I walk out the door to my car

"Hey!" I turn and see Niall "Mind if we come with?"

I shake my head smiling "You'll have to take your own car, I only have room for 3 others, with my bags in there"

"Well all of us brought our cars except Niall, so he can ride with you, yeah? If I have to ride with him complaining about being hungry, I swear" the curly haired one says

"Hey!! Not cool Harry!" He hits him

"Ow!! Louis he hit me!!" Harry looks at the 'cool' one

"Liam they're fighting again" he looks at who I am guessing is Liam

"Zayn, put your phone away" he tells the dark haired one, "All of you shut up, Niall you go with y/n, and we will follow behind her to where she is going, now go!" They all groan and I laugh

"Now I don't need to ask your names" I laugh getting in the car

Niall gets in the passenger seat and puts the seat back "Lazy ass" I mumble and start to car

"What did you call me?"  He raises an eyebrow

"Nothing" I smirk and start driving to my house

"Yeah... okay" when we get there I go to get out of the car but he stops me

I look at him "What?"

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, why?"

He doesn't say anything and kisses me

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