One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


5. Louis Imagine

Imagine you are sitting at home crying because your best friend Louis has been gone on tour for 3 months and won't be home for another 5.... You are just friends but you love him so much... Plus he is dating Eleanor. You are crying into your pillow thinking about how he will never be yours... Oh and there is one thing... You and him slept together one night after getting really drunk.... and you are pregnant.. You are positive it is his because he is the only one you have slept with in 2 years.

You are wiping your tears when you hear your phone ring


"Hey Y/n" Louis says cheerfully "Are you crying?"

"What do you want Lou? It is 4 in the morning here and I am really not in the mood"

"I just wanted to say hi... are you okay?"

"yeah.. I'm.." You feel sick "I'll be right back" You run into the bathroom and throw up.. ugh morning sickness

You walk back in and pick up your phone "Back"

"You okay?"

"Yeah.. just a little flu bug..."

"Y/n, that is the 5 time you have puked while am calling you and it has been happening for 3 months.... you need to see a doctor"

"I have..."


"I can't tell you...."
you slept with him 2 months before he went off on tour and the baby is due 1 month before he comes back

"Why not y/n?"

You look down at your growing stomach.... 4 more months...

"Because it's just a stomach flu... Don't worry"

"I am worrying"


"Because you have been sick for over 3 months.... it's not good...."

"Lou I'm fine... I know exactly what is going on"

"You sure?"


"Okay... Now...I gotta tell you something.."


"El and I broke up..."


"Sh-she found out about us..."

"Oh my god Lou.. I am so sorry..."

"Don't be... it wasn't your fault" there is a knock on the door

"Hold on Lou" you stand up from your bed, making sure that your shirt is big enough to hide your stomach... you haven't told anybody

You walk to the door "Lou.. I still think it is partly my fault.." You open the door to see Louis there holding his bag in one hand, and phone in the other

"I uh... I got to go.." You drop the phone

"Hey Y/n"

"Wh-what are you doing here?" You ask hugging him

"I couldn't stay away..."

"From home or?"

"No... From you.." He kisses you

When you pull away "Wh- h- Wha....."

"Y/n  I have loved you since I first met you 7 years ago...please be mine?"

"L-Louis...." You stutter.. you have to tell him

"And can I tell you a secret?"


"I wasn't even drunk that night... and I knew you weren't either..... I just couldn't stay away..."

"L-Louis.... Oh.. c-come inside..." you step out of the way

"Thank you" He walks in and sets his stuff down

'So what do you say? Be mine?"

"L-Louis... I need to tell you something"


"Sit down.."

"Y/n what's wrong? You're scaring me"

"Louis do you ever want to have children?"

"Yes why?"


"I don't know... Not now.... not when my career is this big but some time in my life yes I would love to have children" great.... he doesn't want this kid...



"No reason..."

'What did you need to tell me?"

"Nothing.... Just forget about it"

"Well what is your answer?"



"Yes, I will be yours" You smile

He smiles big and kisses you


"Yes Louis?"

"What was it that you needed to tell me?"

"Why do you want to know so badly?"

"Because it seemed important"

"Okay... Promise not to get mad or leave me?"

"You're scaring me.." He looks at you worried

"Just promise" You sit on the coffee table in front of him


You put your head in your hands as tears fall down "L-Louis... What would you do if you were to be a father right now?"

"I don't know... Try my best to be there for the baby why?"

You look up at him, tears falling down

"Stand up" he says standing up

You stand up and cross your arms over your abdomen

He sighs and shakes his head, lifting your arms above your head "Leave them there" he slowly takes your shirt off trying not to look away from your eyes, scared of what he might see

"Lou-" he cuts you off

"Don't talk and just keep your arms up"

You nod and he drops your shirt onto the ground next to you he slowly looks down and gasps

"Wh-why didn't you tell me when you found out?"

"Because I was scared.... I found out 3 months after that day..... by then you had already gone on tour and I was terrified..."

"Damnit Y/n!!" he runs his hands through his hair

"Remember what you promised..."

"What if management finds out? They are gonna kill me... they already hate me for El and I breaking up.."

"That's what you're worried about right now?! No about if the baby is okay?! Not if the mother is okay with this entire thing?! I have your fucking daughter growing inside of me and all you are fucking worried about is what management is going to do when they find out?! Fuck you Louis Tomlinson! Fuck you!" You grab your shirt and put it back on, checking the time you realize that it is 7:30 am, "I guess I'll just go to the doctors appointment to see if the baby is healthy and to see the growth of our child... Alone!" You pull your leggings up and grab your keys storming out of the house and up to your car

You are about to open the door when you feel a hand on top of yours "Let me drive" Louis says from behind you

"Whatever" You throw the keys at him and walk around to the passenger side, getting  in, not looking at him at all the entire way there

"Hi, we have a doctors appointment for Tomlinson" I say at the front desk

" Right through that door" she points the door

"Thank you"

"You used my name?"

You walk into the room and don't say anything, just lay down on the bed and wait for the doctor

"Okay y/n" The doctor walks in "Oh.. Is this the father?" He asks looking at Louis

"I don't know ask him... Wouldn't want management to know that he is here for this" I snap looking at the doctor

"Well okay... Let's get started" He turns the monitor on and puts the gel on my stomach, I look at the screen "There she is"

"Oh my god..." I cover my mouth

"That's our baby girl...." Louis says grabbing your hand

"Oh so you actually want something to do with the baby now?"

"Y/n, look.... I was just freaking out... I didn't mean it... I love you and this baby with all of my heart....." You look up at him to see that he is telling the truth

"I'll give you guys a second" The doctor leaves and you look at the screen and you feel a tear hit your shoulder

"Lou, why are you crying?"

"She's beautiful....."

He says looking at the screen "I love you Louis"

"I love you too y/n" he looks down and kisses you

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