One Direction Imagines

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9. Louis' for Jayde_Tomlinson

I walk into the arena and sit in my seat first row. I finally get to see my favorite band One Direction in concert!! In 10 minute the boys come on.


They all look scare because of course they have been getting death threats. Letters are coming in saying that tonight at the concert something will happen. As they are singing Little Things Louis, my favorite, looks at me during his solo. He smiles and winks and I look down blushing.


"You might want to figure out how to get to him before 9:25. Unless you want something bad to happen..." I hear a voice say to my ear. I turn and see a girl walking through the crowd with something hanging out of her pocket. I gasp when I see that it is a gun.


I turn back to the stage then check my watch. 9:23. Shit..... I look at see the girl climbing up something to get to the side of the stage without being noticed. I look at Louis and start to look around for a way around the guards. I check the time 9:24... I look up and see her taking the gun out

I push through people and find my way to the side stairs. I quickly go up them and rush to the edge of back stage

I look up and see her counting down on her hands 5..... fuck..... 4..... I have to do something..... 3..... I run on stage.....2...... I look at her and see her putting her finger on the trigger.... 1.....

The gun goes off "NO!!" I jump in front of Louis and the bullet goes into my shoulder

Everyone screams and I fall to the ground

"Give her space!! Everyone move!!" I hear some one yell. The last thing I see is a blurry figure holding onto me "Stay with us, come on!!!"

Then everything went black


When I open my eyes I am in a white room and my arm hurts really bad "Huh? Wh-Where am I?" I sit up

"Oh thank god you are awake!!" Wait a minute.... I know that voice.... I look over and see Louis Tomlinson sitting next to my bed "Do you remember anything?"

Then everything comes back "I was looking at you then a girl said I better get to you before 9:25 because something bad was going to happen. I checked the clock and it said 9:23 and I started freaking out. I managed to get backstage without getting in trouble and I ran on stage. She started counting down from five and then just as she pulled the trigger on you I jumped in front.... I remember some one telling me to stay awake and then everything went black"

"Wow, you have a very good memory" He smiles and I giggle "The doctor said you might not wake up for weeks but here you are, only out for 3 hours"

"Well I was always a fast healer" I smile "Are you okay?" I look at him

"Yes, thanks to you.... You know I thought that those threats were just a sick prank..."

"If this is a prank, I think they took things a bit to far" I joke

"Yeah, well thank you.... You saved my life"

"It was my pleasure... I got to meet you" I smile and look into his eyes



5 months later


"Babe, where are you?" Louis enters the house.. yes we did start a relationship and we moved in together

I stay quiet and hope he doesn't find me

"Jayde! Where are you?!" he says starting to get worried

I start to cry but I cover my mouth, trying not to make noise

I pick up the razor when the bedroom door opens. I try to hide in the corner but he sees me

"Jayde, babe, what are you doing?" He says walking over to me

I quickly hide the razor and put my head in my knees

"Look at me" He says kneeling down in front of me

I shake my head no

He sighs and grabs my head, lifting it so I look at him "What's wrong?"

I look at my phones sitting beside me

He follows my gaze and picks it up. He sighs "Password"

I say his name through my tears

"What? Sweet heart, you have to speak up"

"L-Louis, the password is Louis..." I say looking at him

He smiles a bit and types it in.
"Sweet heart, babe, why are you listening to these?" He says after reading the twitter hate on my feed

"Because Louis.... Most of them are from her.... She won't leave me alone, it's like she knows me"

"She can't hurt you now... I will protect you I promise" he says pulling me into his arms

"Don't be so sure" a voice comes from behind Louis. We look and see her standing there, pointing a gun at us 'Jayde, Jayde, Jayde.... You don't know who I am do you?"

I shake my head no and she puts her hood down



To be continued....


Hey Jayde. I hope you liked it  and like it says, this is not the end!!!!

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