One Direction Imagines

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25. India's Harry imagine

Hope you like it sweety!!!!


"Uhm, can I get a vanilla milkshake?" I ask the nice waitress.

"India, sweety, are you sure you don't want a glass of water?" I give a confused look to my boyfriend Harry "I mean.. you always get a milkshake, you are you sure you don't want to switch it up?"

"Why? If it's money I'll buy it myself" I go to grab my wallet.

"No! It's not money... it's just.. I've noticed... you've.. you've gain a few pounds.. n-not a lot!! Just.. maybe hold off on the milkshakes?" He closes his menu.

"I'll.. I'll be back to take your orders.." The waitress goes to walk away.

"No! Uhm, I'll have the milkshake, just, to go" I glare at Harry as she nods, walking away "So.. you have an issue with my weight?"

"No, you're weight is fine.. it's... I ran into one of my ex girfriends. I just.. I noticed.." he trails off.

"You just noticed that I wasn't as pretty or as skinny as her? That I'm not the super model thin girls you go for?" I lean back in my seat.

"No!! I just.. I-" I shake my head, cutting him off.

"Everything you said to me.. that the fans were all wrong. They were all lies. Weren't they?" He goes to speak "You know what? I'm done" I stand up. Putting the money on my milkshake on the table and grab it from the waitress "Good bye Harry" I grab my bag and walk out, trying to hold my tears in. You know, I may seem like a strong, sassy girl. What do you expect? I'm Louis' sister. I learned from the best. But I thought Harry was the one person who wouldn't hurt me. Turns out I was wrong. I wipe the tear I let fall and make my way down the lonely street.

"India!! Wait!!" I turn and sigh, meeting a running Harry "Look.. I-I'm... Look... I can't get..."

"What? You can't get the idea that I am so much fatter than your other girlfriends out of your head?" I let tears of anger fall down my face.

"I can't get the fact that you are so damn perfect out of my head!!! I said that because I am stupid!!! There is no excuse. But please, just.. if you'll give me another chance, I'll show you. I didn't mean it!" He reaches for me.

"No. No. You were supposed to be the one that never hurt me. Ever. Now you expect me to believe you?" I push him away.

"India!" I turn and see Louis walking over. I run over and attack him in a hug "Woah!! What happened? What did Harry do?" He holds me as I cry.

"I did something stupid. But I swear to you I will fix it" I hear him walk away.

"What did he do?" He gently rubs my hair, kissing my head.

"He said I put on a few pounds just because I'm not as skinny as his other girlfriends." I spit, pulling away.

"India.. you know he didnt mean it.. he's Harry.. He.. he's never felt the the way he feels about you before.. maybe someone scared him into believing it would end badly and he wanted to do something before it got bad." He puts his hands on my shoulders.

"No. I never want to see him again." I shove his hands away and run towards my apartment.




I wake up to a knock on the door. I groan, getting up, trudging through the door "It's 5 in the bloody morning what do you wa-" I freeze, seeing a teary eyed Harry, holding two cups.

"I want to show you how sorry I am." He hands me one of the cups.

I furrow my eyebrows, "If you poisoned this I'm haunting you" I warn jokingly taking a sip. "Vanilla milkshake.. but I thought-" 

"You thought that I wanted you to be skinnier? I did. For like 30 seconds. But I realized something. I realized that you may not be the skinniest girl in the world, but you don't need to be" he walks inside.

"It doesn't mean that I'm going to forgive you." I close the door.

"Don't make me do it" he warns, turning around, pointing a finger at me. I furrow my eyebrows. He shrugs, taking his phone out, pressing something. I sigh when 'All of me' starts playing. He takes the milkshake from my hand and puts both of them down. He grabs my hand and spins me, pulling me into him. I laugh as he spins around the room with me " 'Cause all of me, loves all of you, love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections." He sings before dipping me. I laugh when I almost fall, him catching me "Oops..." he chuckles.

"So, this was your plan? Make a fool of yourself to get me back?" I ask as we slowdance.

"That was part of my plan." I tilt my head "Want to know the rest?" I give him a look making him laugh "I was going to do ot at dinner but I ruined that." He pulls away, pulling something out of his pocket "I'm not one of the cheesy ones, so this is difficult for me." He gets down on one knee and opens the box "India, will you marry me?" I cover mt mouth, tears of joys falling. I nod quickly and he smiles putting the ring on my finger, standing up "Please never change" I nod and kiss him. All of a sudden 'Alive' comes on his phone making him jump.

"You have your own song?" I laugh as he turns it off.

"Shut up" he mutters pulling me close "God I love you" he kisses me.

"I love you too." I smile biting my lip. When did I get so lucky?

Sorry if it sucks!!! I ran out of ideas!!

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