One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


4. Harry Imagine

"Harry? What do you do when the person you love is in love with some one else?" You ask, laying with your head on your best friend's lap... You look up into his hypnotizing green orbs and wait for an answer

"Well...I would tell them how I feel regardless.... I wouldn't wait around to see if they are gonna come to their senses"

"But what if you tell them every day but they don't know that you mean it in that way?'

"I don't know wh-" he was cut off by the door bell "It's open" He yells, running his fingers through your hair

"Hey babe" his girlfriend walks in

"Hey" He stands up, making your head fall onto the couch as he goes and kisses her

You frown and stand up, rubbing your now aching head "I think I'm just gonna go" You walk towards the door before the tears fall

"Y/N, wait, what's wrong?" Harry grabs your hand and spins you around

"Nothing... I just have a head ache, so I am gonna go home and rest"

"You can rest here, you know that right?"

"Oh just let her go... That way we can be alone.. I need to talk to you" his girlfriend says from behind him

"It's fine, really... You guys can talk" you say walking out and going across the street to your house


Harry's Pov


'What the hell was that about?" I say turning to my girlfriend

"What? she wanted to go and I need to talk to you"

"Then talk" I say sternly before crossing my arms over my chest

"You need to stop spending so much time with her... She is taking you away from me"

"What?! No she isn't I go to her because you always bail on me! And who are you to tell me who I can and cannot hang out with?"

"Calm down... It's not like you love her... I mean it's obvious that she is in love with you, that's why she ran out crying but you love me so it doesn't matter"

"Oh my god... she was talking about me..... She asked that question because she was talking about Me and her"

"What are you going off about"

"The only thing is I am not in love with some one else.... I am in love with her" I grab my jacket

"Where are you going"

"To get the girl I love, we are over" I run across the street and knock on her door

She opens it and you can tell she has been crying "Y/n.."

"Harry, what are you doing here? What happened to being alone with your girlfriend?"

"I don't want to be alone with her.... I want to spend time with you..."


"No, y/n, I know you were talking about me and you when you were asking me that question.. there's only one thing wrong with it"

"And what is that?" She says shifting her wait, crossing her arms

I kiss her, at first she didn't do anything then she kissed back, wrapping her arms around my neck

I pull away "I don't love someone else"

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