One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


12. Cute Kid

I walk into the daycare to pick up my now sick daughter. I am only 19 but still, I had her when I was 16. I walk over and find her asleep. I smile softly and pick her up, carrying her to the car. "Here, let me help you" some guy runs over from their group of friends just to hold the door open

"Thank you" I look at him and smile greatfully "Hey, You're-"

"Mommy?" My daughter starts waking up

"Hey sugar plum, how you feeling?" I smile down at her 

"Better, mom- Louis?" She sees who is next to me

He laughs and nods "She's a fan" I smile 

He kneels down to get to her level "And what is your name?" He pokes her stomach

"Darcy" she giggles

"Very pretty name for a very pretty girl" 

"Thank you" she smiles brightly

"I think you made her sickness go away" I laugh "I had to leave in the middle of a meeting to come get you missy" I poke her cheek

She looks up at me "Mommy can we play with Louis?"

"Oh I don't know, I'm sure he is very bus-"

"Nonsense, Hey, let's go meet my friends, yeah?" He stands up

She looks up at me with pleading eyes and I sigh "go, meet One Direction" she hugs me and grabs Louis' hand

I follow them after I put her back pack in the car "Mommy used to have a crush on Harry" 

"Hey what are you telling them?" I laugh "How did you know that anyways?" I mess up your hair

"Grandma told me"

"Y/N?" Shit... I turn around and face Harry 

"Hi" I smile slightly

"But you can't be a mother.. you're almost 20 and she's 3" he furrows his eyebrows

I sigh and look down

"I had her when I was 16 Harry, after you left for x-factor" 

He nods and looks at her "She's a cute kid"

"She's yours" Louis says standing up

I look at him weirdly. He looks down at Darcy who is hiding behind his legs "Who told you that Darcy?" I kneel down

"Grandma" she says quietly 

"Baby, I'm not mad, come here" she steps into my arms "we are going to stop leaving you alone with Grandma though" I laugh

"Wait.... she's-" Harry looks at us

"I found out like right after you found out you were put in a band" I look at him "things were good for you, I didn't want to ruin that"

"So grandma wasn't lying?" Darcy looks at me

I smile "No baby, grandma wasn't lying" 

"I still don't understand..." I sigh and stand up looking Harry in the eye

"You and I had sex a week before you joined x-factor, I found out I was pregnant when you were put in a band, now here is your daughter, say hi" I push Darcy towards him

He kneels down infront of her "Are you really my daddy?"

He slowly nods "I guess I am..." he breathes out a laugh "I have a daughter" he starts to tear up

"No Harry, don't bloody cry" I groan "You start to cry then I will to, remember" 

He laughs "Shut up" he hugs her tightly "I have a daughter" I kisses her head

"Yes, now can we like go get pizza in there or something" I point to the pizza shop next to us "I'm friggin' cold"

"I like her!!" Niall runs inside and I look at Harry weirdly

"He likes food and you mentioned food" he laughs

I chuckle and we all go inside

Before I sit down Harry grabs my shoulder "there is something I have wanted to say since I met you 5 years ago" he lightly kisses me "I am in love with you"

I smile and blush "I am in love with an idiot who cries at everything" I laugh hitting him upside the head

"Hey!!" He whines "boobear she hit me!! And called me an idiot"

"You are an idiot Harry, she just said she loves you and you complain because she called you an idiot" Louis smacks him upside the head on the other side

"Ow!!!" He pouts

"God damn Harry, stop being a bloody baby and kiss me" I grab his collar and smash my lips onto his

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