One Direction Imagines

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24. Carrie's Liam Imagine

Hope you like it love!!


I smile when I wake up, not being able to wait for the events of today. You see, it's my birthday. My first birthday with my lovely boyfriend Liam. Yup, you got it, Liam Payne! I turn and frown when I see he isn't in bed next to me. I get up, putting my slippers on and make my way downstairs. Maybe he's in the kitchen? Making me a birthday breakfast? I walk in and he isn't. "Hello?! Liam??" I call before seeing a note tacked to the fridge. 


Went out to the studio with the boys, we're going clubbing after. You looked too precious to wake up!! Have a good day love!!!



No happy birthday? I frown and check the time. 2 in the afternoon?! Holy shit. I sigh and pull my brown hair into a ponytail, walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I can't believe he forgot. He promised he wouldn't. I bite my lip, walking into the living room, sitting on the couch as I turned the TV on.

"Today is the birthday of Liam Paynes gorgeous girlfriend Carrie!!! Any one else wondering what the boy toy has in store? Me too, because we caught him, with no Carrie, going out with the boys. Did this star forget his loves birthday? Or is he planning a surprise for her?"  

I shut the TV off, biting back tears. I lay down and decide to take a nap. Some birthday.

"Babe?? I'm home!!" I jolt up and check my watch, midnight. Wow my birthday was eventful. I roll my eyes and turn the TV back on, ignoring him. "Hey babe" he walks in, mail in his hand. I keep my eyes on the TV, not responding. "How was your day?" I shrug "What's wrong?" He sits next to me.

"Slept all day." I say coldly.

"Fun.." he mutters looking through the mail. "Did I do something wro-" he stops looking at an envelope "Oh no." He looks from the envelope that reads 'The marvelous birthday girl!!' to me. "It's your.." I stand up walking out. "Wait!!! Wait I'm sorry!!" He stands up, grabbing my arm. 

I jerk my arm away "Don't. Don't try and fix it." I fight back tears. "You know something Liam? I lived my whole life being shoved aside by the people who were supposed to love me... but you..  you were never supposed to hurt me..."

"Look, I'm sorry.. my don't you think you're being a little over dramatic over a day?" He puts the mail down.

"A day? Are you kidding me? Its my first bloody birthday with you!! Plus I've never had anyone in my life remember my birthday. You promised you wouldn't!!" I let a tear slip.

"You are being a baby!! It's not like it's your last birthday ever! You're not dying!" He flips out.

"I may as well." I spit, turning and walking into the bedroom, packing a bag.

"Fine, pack your bag, leave!! See if I care! No one wants a baby as a girlfriend anyways." He walks grabs his keys and walks out. I let a sob escape my mouth as I grab my suitcase and keys, walking to the door.

"I though you were different." Is all I write on a piece of paper, putting it on the fridge. I walk out, driving to god knows where.

Some where along the way I guess the tears blurred my vision because all I remember is swerving off the road and hitting a tree. Thankfully, I'm perfectly fine.. but I'm stuck in the car...

I hear someone pull at the back door and it pops open "Climb out the back!! I got you!" I don't hesitate and fumble with my seatbelt, trying to climb through, a hand pulling me out. I am pulled into a breath taking hug "God Carrie.. I am so sorry... please forgive me..." Liam...

"Did I just almost die..? Because of you...?" I pull away and look at him.

"Uh... Yes...? But.. if it helps..." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small black box "I didn't forget about your birthday, I just didn't realize it was today.." he hands it to me. I softly take it, opening it. 

"Oh my god.." I cover my mouth. It is a necklace that has an 'L' charm on it, jewels incrusted. "I love it.." I look up at him.

"I'm sorry for calling you a baby.." he puts his hands in his pocket shamefully.

"I'm sorry for flipping out.. it is just one day.." he close the box and hug him.

"But it's you're day. You deserve all the attention in the world." He holds me close "I love you.."

"I love you too, always will" when did I become so lucky?


Sorry if it sucks!! It's like 4 in the morning here!!

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