One Direction Imagines

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20. Careful what you wish for

**So this is going to be me in the story... just saying**

I was so excited!!! I was finally going to get to go to a One Direction signing!!!! I get in line, wearing a blue summer dress with a white cardigan and white flats, my hair curled and a white sparkly headband in. I hear girls laughing at me and how stupid I look but let it go. I move up about a foot, having 2 hour line wait.... ugh. I spend the entire 2 hours on my phone and listening to the people in front of me making fun of Niall. How he's stupid and shouldn't be on the band. Now I wouldn't do anything but we are getting to the front and they can hear us... one says "Look at fatty, I bet she's a Niall girl, no wonder they're both ugly" she and her friends snicker and glance at me... I sigh, knowing I'm not fat or ugly...

"You want to shut up and move up, the line moved" I snap at them. They glare and move up in line.

"Why is Niall even in the band,he can't sing" she says loud enough for him to hear. His face drops a bit.

"Okay, that's enough..." I grab her shoulder and turn her to face me "Stop, I have been standing here for 2 hours listening to this bullshit. Niall deserves to be in this band just as much as Louis does or Harry, so shut the fuck up and stop being a bitch, he isn't ugly, he is the most perfect person I have seen, he can in fact sing, his voice gives me butterflies... and stop making fun of me too, sure I may be a Niall's girl but I don't make fun of Harry, now do I?" I fold my arms knowing her favorite is Harry, I heard her talking about it. Her face becomes pale, knowing everyone got quiet and listened to me telling her off "Now, if you don't have a comeback, then I suggest you move along and get your album signed so I can wish Niall a Happy Birthday and meet my idols" she scoffs and her and her friends get all of them to sign it, even Niall. I smirk and put my book on the table for Liam to sign "Carry on" I say to the dead silent mall, everyone staring at me. They all turn an start doing their own thing.

"That was.. wow..." Liam smirks signing the book "What's your name love?"

"Maddie..." I say shyly. He writes something more and he passes it on. Louis smiles at me.

"Hello babe, that was quite a show..." he laughs and passes my book to Zayn.

"Thank you for doing that, I was about to scream at her but that wouldn't have been good" Zayn chuckles shaking his head as he passes the book onto Harry.

"Now, I know you're a Niall's girl but who's your second favorite?" He leans forward a bit.

I smirk "Louis" I say simply and he fakes hurt but smirks and writes something down before passing it on to Niall. I take a deep breath and step up to him.

"Well Love... I uh.... thank you" he gives me a bright smile "No one has ever done that... you got the whole mall's attention with that, and that footage is going in the movie" he signs the book, look and see I am the last person.

"Oh! Happy birthday" I hand him a scrapbook I made, showing my love for not only the whole band but him specifically. He smiles and takes it, flipping through the beginning.

"Thank you... I love it... Look.. we uh.. we gotta go but I just wanted to thank you again for that whole thing.. I'm pretty sure she almost pissed herself..." he laughs and I giggle with him. "Bye love" he kisses my cheek and I walk away, looking at the notes.

Liam: Thanks for sticking up for our Nialler, you are something special Maddie

Louis: Niall was making googly eyes at you the moment you came into sight, and I can see why, bye cutie :)

Zayn: I really would've slapped her, good thing you stepped in, you're perfect too ;)

Harry: You know I'm your favorite, don't hide it... haha! Bye love

Niall: Look, I really wanted to say how thankful I am for you. I was near tears when I heard that, because in all honesty I don't think I am the things you said I am... but I guess you do so I'll take your word for it ;) Bye princess, you are perfect.


I smile and blush. The next day I am in the middle of lunch at school and my phone starts ringing. I go into the halls and answer it "Hello" 

"Hello is this uh.. Madison Anderson?" A familiar irish accent rings through my ears.

"How'd you get this number?" I smirk

"Starsearch" he says simply "So this call is recorded"

I laugh and slide down the wall "I hope you know you are interfering with my lunch"

"Sorry" he laughs "So how's life" I hear him move around.

"Oh same ol' same ol'.. have this stupid class meeting in like 10 minutes in the auditorium"

"Oh really?" I can hear his smirk "Well we're at this weird ass school... uh... it's built really weird, it's like a maze!! Great now I'm lost" I laugh at his comment "Liam!! We're lost! Face it!!" He exclaims "Well we're here to take a special girl with us to dinner tonight... something like that"

"Nice" I laugh and the school bell rings "Gotta go to the class meeting, bye" I stand up.

"Bye!!' He yells hanging up. I laugh and go to the auditorium.

"Students!!! Settle down!!!" The principal says into the microphone "Now we have two very special things to address, come out boys!!" Then I sit straight up in my seat, sending death glares at Niall.

He sees me and laughs, grabbing the microphone "Guess forgot to say it was your school and you're the special, BIRTHDAY, girl, get your but up here" I sigh and slowly make my way up, hugging all the boys "Now, first may I say, how the hell are any of you on time to class? This place is a bloody maze!" I laugh with everybody "And second" he turns to me "Happy birthday Maddie" he turns me around and covers my eyes. When he uncovers them I gasp.

"A brand new guitar?" I look at all the boys "How did you know I play guitar?"

"Well that's the third part" he points the the doors in the back of the auditorium "Ladies and Gentle men!! Maddie's father has been in Afghanistan for 9 months but due to him living in another state she hasn't seen him in almost a year, he is now back and wanted to wish her a happy birthday" I cover my mouth, tears in my eyes "Go" Niall whispers in my ear. 

I quickly run down the stairs of the stage, meeting my dad half way, jumping into his arms. "Daddy" I cry into his chest. He chuckles and strokes my hair.

"I'm here baby, I'm here... sh sh sh" I hold him tighter and cry more.

He let's go of me and kisses my head "I missed you" I look at him. 

"I missed you too" he pulls me close again. The whole auditorium claps and I see a few people crying as well. 

I turn and see the boys standing off in front of the stage and go and punch Niall "Ow!! What was that for?" He laughs

"Not telling me while we were talking on the phone so I coulda prepared myself, I'm a wreck!" I hit him again

"Ow!!! Stop hitting me!!" He whines. I laugh and hug my dad again.


It's been about 3 years since then and I haven't seen them since. I keep wishing that I will see them again but... no such luck.. I am going to their concert tonight. When I get there the place is filled with screaming fans. I sigh and walk over to Paul. He smiles at me. You see I kinds became a model, so he knows me "Maddie, what can I do for you" 

"Uh... I was wondering if you could give this to Niall" I hand him a note saying meet me at the park

"Of course- Hey! You can't do that!" He runs over and pries a fan off of the door. I laugh and walk to my seat in front row. When the bows come out I start singing along.

"Oh my god... It's Madison Anderson" I hear girls whisper. I look over and smile at them "Oh my god! Can I have a picture! You are like my fashion idol!!!" I laugh and take a picture with her, all the boys eyes are on me.

"You done stealing our fans Maddie?" Louis jokes.

I laugh "Not quite" I stick my tongue out as other girls want to take pictures.

"Come on!! Stop distracting our fans from the awesomeness that is us!!!" Louis exclaims. Everyone laughs and Liam says something to Paul. He comes over and lifts me up on stage.

"Now.. Group hug!!!!!!" Harry yells and all the boys attack me. When they pull away Niall smiles at me and pulls me in for another hug.

""Niall, can't breath" he laughs and let's me go.

"So Maddie, how's life been the last 3 years?" Zayn says slinging his arm around me.

"Well... no one knows this but I actually have a 2 and a half year old daughter"

They all look me fine "She's lying' Harry says to the audience "That is not the body of a mother" I blush and nod

"I am not lying!" Did I forget to mention Niall and I hooked up?

"Who's the lucky lad?" Naill says looking me in the eye, I never told him but I think he knows.

"Uh... no one... he doesn't even know about the kid..." I look down

"Do we know him?"

"Yup... uh pretty well actually" I nod

"Oh my god it's Josh! I knew it! Josh why you always shagging our friends!!" Louis jokes.

I laugh "No...not Josh...."

"Is it..." Niall looks at me, knowing I know he means him.

"Her name's Isabella" I say looking everywhere but Niall.

"That doesn't answer my question Maddie.."

"Yes..." I sigh "Can I go now? I'm tired!"

"But the concert has barely even started" Liam pouts.

"I know but... I am getting a headache." I hug them all and whisper in Niall's ear "Did you get the note?" When we pull away he nods "midnight? I'll bring Isabella..." I say making sure his micro phone is away. He nods again, his face brightening and he kisses my cheek. Paul helps me down and out to the parking lot. I drive home and Isabella is sleeping "Issy?" I shake her, my bother watches her, but he's sleeping on the couch. She slowly wakes up "Wanna go meet Daddy?" She nods and I help her get dressed. When we get to the park I see a hooded figure sitting on a bench. I put Issy on my hip and clear my throat. He turns around "Hey" I smile slightly.

"H-Hi..." he stands up and hugs me "Is this...."

"Issy" I smile handing her to him.

"Daddy?" She asks poking his cheek.

He laughs brightly with tears in his eyes "Yes sweetheart, I'm daddy..." he lays his forehead on hers "She's gorgeous"

"Isn't she?" I smile at them and take a picture, putting it as my phone wallpaper. 

"Want to come back to the hotel? The boys are waiting for me.."

"Yeah" I smile as he grabs my hand, still holding Isabella. They talk about random stuff, something about donkeys, toes, small spider and Aaaahhhh!!!!

I start laughing and Niall frowns at me "Mommy, this is a serious discussion!!" He whines which makes me laugh even more. He starts chuckling and kisses my cheek. "Ready? If you don't want Issy to be around all the lights and screaming we don't have to"

"She'll love the attention, let's go!!" He smiles and we make our way through the reporters.

"Maddie!!! Niall!!! Is there something going on with you two?"

"Who's baby is this? Is this Isabella?"

"What were you guys whispering to eachother on stage?"

"Is Niall the father?"

We push through them and are about to reach the door "Maddie! What happened to your arm? Did Niall do that?" I freeze a bit and look and see my wrist is showing with a hand print bruise on it.

I pull Niall through the crowd and into the hotel "Can we hurry up and go up to your room?" He nods and we go to the elevator. We ride up and when he opens the boy's room I run into the bathroom and lock the door. I look in the mirror and see my makeup wearing off "Shit" I panic and see Eleanor's makeup bag. I quickly cover up the bruises and fix my makeup on my face so it the scratch can't be seen. I walk back out and all eyes are on me.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Louis stands up.

"What were the reporter's talking about, your arm? What's wrong with tour arm?" Niall asks carefully.

I shake my head and pick Issy up "You can play daddy and his friends for a little bit but you have to go to bed soon" she nods and I hand her to Niall.

"Did you just say Daddy?" Liam sits up.

"Daddy" Issy pokes Niall's cheek "Dis ma Daddy" he laughs and kisses her hand.

"It is?" Harry walks over "Well I'm gonna steal you from daddy right now" he takes her and pretends she's an airplane. She laughs and squeals.


"Wh-Wha... When? H-How...." Zayn looks at us confused.

"Who cares!! She is so adorable!" Louis pinches her cheek "And.... I'M AN UNCLE!!!!"

I laugh and take Issy "Time to go to bed" I say kissing her head "Say goodnight" she waves and blows kisses. Niall grabs her and she kisses his cheek

"Gwoodnat daddy!!" She says happily and he smiles kissing her head.

"Goodnight angel" I go and lay her down on the extra bed, surrounding her with pillows. I softly sing her to sleep.

"So... the bruises?" Niall says seriously as I sit down.

I sigh, knowing I'm not getting out of it "Before my dad got deployed again, he came back and got really drunk.... he kinda.. hurt me... he said I was a whore for having Isabella before getting married so he was gonna treat me like one..." I take a shaky breath "And he did...."

"Oh my god..." Louis covers his mouth

"Bastard" Liam clenches his fist 

"There's something wrong with that guy..." Harry shakes his head.

"This guy is fighting for our country?" Zayn runs his hand through his hair. 

Niall stands up looking really angry. He sighs and clenches his fists. "Niall?" I say carefully. He growls and punches the wall. I jump and back up.

"Niall mate... stop... you're gonna break your hand, these walls are concrete" Liam puts his hand on Niall's shoulder. Niall relaxes a bit and shakes his hand out, wincing. I go to the freezer and grab an icepack. 

"Come here" I motion him. He walks over and I put the ice on his hand. He holds it there and I cup his cheeks, wiping the anger tears "Listen to me I'm fi-" he shakes his head looking away but I jerk his head towards me "Listen to me! I am fine, he is gone! I am not hurt, just a few bruises. You don't need to worry, okay?" He nods "Okay..." I hug him and he holds me tight.

"Holy shit, usually when he is upset he locks himself in his room... you are something special" Harry teases, making me blush and Niall flip him off, not moving his head from the crook of my neck.

"Are you okay now?" I say when he pulls away, looking into his eyes. He nods and gives a smile "Good. Now c'mon!!! Let's have some fun!!"

"Okay, what do you want to do"Liam looks at me.

"Don't look at me! I just want to do something fun"

"Uh... truth or dare?" Louis says. We all agree "okay Niall first. Truth or Dare" he looks at Niall.

"Uh... Dare" he shrugs.

"I dare you to show Maddie how you feel about her" he smirks.

Niall glares but turns to me. He puts two fingers under my chin and kisses me on the lips. I wrap my arms around his neck and we just sit there, not moving, our lips just connected. One of the boys clears their throat and Niall holds his middle finger out at them until he pulls away. Laying his head on mine "I think I'm done for tonight, I'm tired" he looks at the other boys. I nod and we stand up, he kisses me gently before we walk into the bedroom. We lie down, me in his arms. He strokes my hair and sings gently in my ear. This is how I want to stay forever... I fall asleep smiling.

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