A New World About to Dawn

*********Enjonine Story (Eponine + Enjolras)*********
What would happen if Eponine survived the gun wound? What if Enjolras feels for her more than he thinks he does? What if that growns into something more? She has always loved him......maybe even a bit more than Marius, although she prefers not to admit it.


5. No One Compares to You...Not Even Patria


                My stomach flutters. I feel as if I am spinning.

"Yes, it is. I am not even good enough for....." she trails off for a second."M-M--Marius"

"Forget about him"  I tell her and shoot a look to the woman, signaling her to give us some privacy. She leaves. "All I want this second is you." I mean every word.

                I have loved her forever, but couldn't bear telling her. I saw the way she looked at Marius, and didn't want to break her, but Eponine has been hurt enough. I will treat her right.

" I.....I....I do not know what to say.........." She brings up her knees and buries her face.

               I gently pull her face up and over. 

"Eponine, I want to love you.... just you... I want to love you like I have never been able too. Because, No one Compares to you.... Not even Patria. For you have been lost in the darkness and I have brought you to the light, ma lune (french for my moon)." I told her and I leaned in

                Sparks flew upon our lips as I pulled her as close to me as she could be. She kissed me back, leading me to believe she loved me too. It seemed to go on forever. The world began to turn and move as if on a freeze frame setting. If I could freeze this moment and relive it for the rest of my life, I would. Just her and I.

                  I hear a door open and the voice of Grantaire.

"Hey, Enjolras! Is Eponine okay?" He called. He walked right in on us. "Oh, Ummm. She is fine."

                   He glared at me. Clearly angered, he walked out,slamming the door.

"What's his problem?" Eponine asked.

                   I searched her eyes, lovingly.

"Do not worry about him. He is not of that that matters." I told her.

                   This time she surprised me with a kiss. I laughed and gave in. ma lune is back, and is going to stay forever.

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