A New World About to Dawn

*********Enjonine Story (Eponine + Enjolras)*********
What would happen if Eponine survived the gun wound? What if Enjolras feels for her more than he thinks he does? What if that growns into something more? She has always loved him......maybe even a bit more than Marius, although she prefers not to admit it.


2. I am Supposed to be Dead....


                I watch in fear as Marius climbs to the top of the barricade with a fiery torch, flames glistening in his eyes.He has a daring feeling hanging about him tonight. Something unusual, Something scary. Guns are pointed at him.

" Retreat or I blow up the barricade!" he yells at them.

                I see a gunman slowly pulling the trigger and I climb the barricade after him. I fear for my life realizing that saving him means, perhaps, losing my life. Am I ready for the ultimate sacrifice?  I would do anything for Marius, I mean..... I love him. So, I reach up and pull the gun away, covering it with my hand. I feel a sharp pain. It pierces my hand and goes straight through my chest. I gasp in pain and fall to the bottom of the barricade. My hair spills out of my disguise.  It flies everywhere. Marius races down.

"Eponine? Damn it... How could I have not seen it before? I am a idiot." He starts softly and then yells the last bits of his speech.

                I thrust the letter from Cosette into his hands. He ignores it and still talks to me.

"Eponine, What happened?"

"You see the gun and a hand?"

               He nods.

"That was me."

              He lifts my hand and sees that the bullet left a hole in my hand and went straight through my chest. He wears a shocked face.

" Don't worry, m'siuer! Rain will make the flowers grow" I sang the last words.

              I pass out in Marius' arms

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