A New World About to Dawn

*********Enjonine Story (Eponine + Enjolras)*********
What would happen if Eponine survived the gun wound? What if Enjolras feels for her more than he thinks he does? What if that growns into something more? She has always loved him......maybe even a bit more than Marius, although she prefers not to admit it.


7. A the Flick of a Knife

              Eponine and I are discussing if we should go back to they barricade. I say 'No' and She says 'Yes' and gives me the look that makes me melt under it. She widens up her eyes, as if she is about to cry,and looks adorable, like a baby animal. (She would have" killed me if I said that aloud! She hates being compared to a baby animal!)
"Please Eponine! I want you to be safe." I plead with her. She uses my words against me saying,
" Aren't you the one who said that we have a duty to the country?" She argues back. " I am not fragile, like a little creature."
            It is as if she reads my mind. I wince, feeling a bit violated . Does she know what I am thinking right now? I am starting to get a paranoid feeling, but I shrug it off.
"What happens if you get shot again? Will you be able to bear ywo shots? All I want to do is protect ma lune!" I tell her."But, what if I am nowhere near to protect you? What will I do if you" I swallow." Die? How am I supposed to live if you die?"
" I am going out there no matter what you say! I will fight for my freedom! I will fight for US! " And with that she stomps out. She always has hated being told what to do.

              Do I feel any guilt ? Sure,of course I do. Any regret?One does not find regret in fighting for their country and rights! I am proud. Foolish, but proud. I am greeted with a smile by eversyone except for Grantaire, not that I expected one. He DID try to poison me. I did take his "Risen Apollo" as he calls Enjy behind his back. Word eventually spread to us that he was seeking revenge, leading us to believe that his garlic "mishap" was meant to be a poison "mishap".
"Eppy!" My little brother, Gavroche or as most calls him Gav, runs up to me hugging my waist. I bend down and tear up just talking to him I missed him so much.
"So our fearless leader returns, bringing with him his spark" Marius says from the back of the room. He sounds a bit sarcastic, too.
              I turn from my brother, arms still holding him tightly and look back. Enjolras had followed me to the barricade. Leaning against the building wall next to the one in which I was healing in, he had been watching me and my little brother.
" Yes, Pontmercy? You have a problem with it?" He asks powerful and courageousness ringing loud and clear in his voice along with some calmness.
"Oh, No... you just...." Marius says.
"I just what? Spit it out, Pontmercy!" He says back. Marius stays silent. "A word Pontmercy."
              The person sitting closest to me, Joly, chuckles.
"Looks like your popular...." he whispers to me.
"No kiddin'" I agree.
"Gav, when you fall in love.... treat her right. Make sure she deserves you and is worth fighting for." I pause." Don't ignore her either!"
"Always. You are worth fightin' for! You deserve me, I never ignore ya and I treat ya right! Don't I, Eppy? I do! I do! I always do!" Gav says to me.
" Yes you do, and your Eppy loves you too!" I tell him and grin and it wrinkles my nose. I kiss his nose.
                 Someone snorts sarcastically. I know who it was without looking up.
"Be right back, Gav." I tell him and approach Grantaire.
" Yes, Grantaire?" I ask inhaling calmly." Got a problem?"
"As a matter of fact, I do."
"Oh, really? I am sure I have time to listen to your problem!" I say sarcastically.

He grins." Well, you won't have enough time." His grin widens evily.

I cross my arms over my chest. " and, why is that?"

He stands up. "Because you are going to get whats comin to you soon. Perhaps in a bit. Things like revenge happen delicately and at the flick of a knife!" He yells at me reaching into his pocket.

Gav steps in front of me. "Leave. My. Sister. ALONE!" He yells at Grantaire.

                    Joly grabs Gav and pulls him out of the fight.
"At least lose the knife and make it fair." Joly says and takes the knife.
                     Grantaire comes at me. I dogde and knock him on the ground. I kick him all the way.
" and that's how a drunk man loses to a WOUNDED girl. Anyone else have a problem with me?" I ask the boys. No one responds, i walk out with Gav close beside me.
"You'll get it Thenardier!" Grantaire yells at me. "I'll get MY revenge!"

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