A New World About to Dawn

*********Enjonine Story (Eponine + Enjolras)*********
What would happen if Eponine survived the gun wound? What if Enjolras feels for her more than he thinks he does? What if that growns into something more? She has always loved him......maybe even a bit more than Marius, although she prefers not to admit it.


6. A Drunk Man's Revenge


                Something has brewed inside me. Something so strange. What is it? Pure unadulterated loathing. That's what it's called. It is towards Miss. I-Can-Steal-Enjolras-from-You. His..... What did he call her?..... His lune. I pour myself another drink, trying to drown out the pain. What is my plan? To poison Eponine.... Yes, poison.....

                  I pour three glasses of wine and put a little something special in Eponine's. Stronger than alcohol. Stronger than any drug. I walk to the house where Enjolras is watching over his lune. God, how much I hate her. 

                  They are on the couch talking and laughing. They occasionally share a kiss. I hand them each a glass and down mine in one gulp. I sit and watch my plan's action.


              I take a drink of my glass. It.... It taste like..... Garlic and Oregano. I smell it. I take another drink and cough, It taste so bad. 

"Epp, are you okay?" Enjolras asks me.

             Grantaire smiles evily. I continue to cough and can't breathe.

"If you hurt her, I will find you and personally kill you" Ejolras tells Grantaire

              Grantaire just laughs.

"Does this taste like garlic to you?" I finally am able to say.

               He tastes it and laughs and nods.


Damn it.... It didn't work.....

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