Lies in their eyes

Joylyn wasn't the perfect girl and she didn't have the perfect life either. Her life was filled with twists and lies from all kinds of people. She knew she wasn't crazy. So why did her mom put her in a mental hospital?
Joylyn knew something was up with the doctor. He wasn't normal and he did know what happened to make her be there. Why does he force her to stay here?...


1. The dreams

I stare at you in disbelief. I wonder if it’s really you. I can barely notice your face when, suddenly I see you get crushed…..


                I wake up yelling and screaming your name. The doctors come in. The main one goes towards me and sits on a small, brown stool. He stares at me, closing all the things around him, except me. “What did you see, Joylyn?” he asks me. I can’t tell him he’s not to be trusted. “We just want to help you.” They don’t want to help, they want to destroy me. Conner said to not trust anyone except him, but he’s gone, who am I supposed to trust now?

                My life wasn’t about me in a mental hospital, it used to be better until the day he left. Until the day my life was crushed into little pieces. We were walking home, we just came from Supply Mart. I had m&m’s on my right hand and the other was holding onto Conner. We were laughing about how the clerk never did his job and complained. It was about 10 p.m. He was walking me home. When we got to the door he said”Joylyn, we’ve known each other for a long time and I don’t trust anyone except you, do you trust me only too?” “Conner, I’ve never trusted anyone more then you.” I told him. He then kissed me and said goodbye. I watched him leave, he was crossing the road when a semi crushed him.

                “Conner!!! Conner!!!” I’m screaming and crying. “Joylyn, calm down, its okay you’ll be fine.” “No! You don’t understand!! You never will!” I’m now yelling at the doctor. He says something in his tiny microphone and a nurse comes in. The next thing I know I’m sleeping.

                My mom sent me here. I’d always wake up screaming his name. My mom tried to calm me down, but she couldn’t. She said it’s in the past, but to me it isn’t. Conner was the only one who understood me. My dad left my mom when I was 4, I haven’t seen him since then. Now I’m 17 and at times I wish he was here, but then I regret it.

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