Lies in their eyes

Joylyn wasn't the perfect girl and she didn't have the perfect life either. Her life was filled with twists and lies from all kinds of people. She knew she wasn't crazy. So why did her mom put her in a mental hospital?
Joylyn knew something was up with the doctor. He wasn't normal and he did know what happened to make her be there. Why does he force her to stay here?...


2. The beginning of it

The doctor’s name is Melvin Thomas. He says that they don’t know what happened, but I know he’s lying. Conner and I could always tell people if they were lying. “Joylyn, please tell us what happened that night.” Melvin said.  Can you please stop lying? I thought to myself.  He disgusts me, ever since I got here my gut has been feeling weird about him. Like it’s telling me not to trust him, that he did something bad. I don’t know how.

                Conner and I met when we were in 2nd grade. We were partners for an art project. I picked him because he was really good at drawing. He seemed so nice and was always there for me. Me and him liked the same things: we liked to color\draw, we liked the same colors, we liked the same food, and we liked the same songs and artists. I really wish he was here to help me out.

                “If you talk we will let you go.” I know you are lying, they’ll never let me go, ever. Melvin hates me, I can see it in his eyes. “We’re just trying to get you over it, please.” They think I can forget so fast, they are just so cruel! Nobody here has felt or is feeling the pain I am. I think of them (the doctors) as cruel, mean, sick, witches. Something in Melvin keeps bothering me. His eyes look into me like he wants to kill me. He smells like a lot of blood, well yeah he’s a doctor here, but it’s a mental hospital.

                They leave so I can go to sleep. I close my eyes and try to go to sleep. I see you again!!! You’re a bit blurry, it’s dark outside. You’re saying something but I can’t hear you. Then I hear the horn of the semi, I try to recognize the driver. He’s a bit blurry to, but I see a part of his face. He has a scar on the left ear and has brown hair. Then it happens all over again…


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