Bonnie & Clyde

Gracia has moved from foster home to foster home, but when a random family wants to adopt her she will move to a whole new state. California. But when Gracia starts to catch feeling for her foster brother the whole families life will be turned upside down.


1. New Family

Chapter One || New Family

I was sitting on the bed in the room i shared with another girl named Kimberly. She was one of my friends when we had lived in the same foster home at one time but the family sent us back because the wife finally got pregnant and didn't want us anymore. I looked over to the little alarm clock on the dresser that read 10:30 pm. I had been in the same spot since this morning when Ms.Lockwood had told me that i was moving to California. I automatically assumed that i was being transferred to another foster home, but no she said that i was being adopted. I looked at like she was crazy or she just made a plain mistake. she said she was 100 percent sure and that i would be leave new york in the morning and that i need to pack. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and just though about everything over these past 15 years. Everything that has changed me into the girl that i am now. i finally opened my eyes after what felt like hours and looked over to the two pink and purple polka dot suit cases that sat next to the closet. I took this  time to stand up and walk over them and started packing everything that belonged to me. I was finished when i saw something the one thing that i had never thought i would almost leave. It was a picture of my mom and dad before they had died. I looked down at it and ran my fingers over there face trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to come out. i slowly sat the picture on top of my clothes in the suitcase and zipped it up. I walked over to my bed and laid down i think it a couple hours passed before i had actually felt sleepiness take over my body and within seconds i was fast asleep and dead to the world.



I rolled over in my bed and reached my hand over to find the snooze button when i finally found i hit it as hard as possible and it finally shutup. i kept my eyes closed and i was dosing off when i heard a banging at the door. I just laid there and hoped they would go away soon because i was extremely tired from last night, but i was out of luck because they just kept banging on the door. I finally rolled of the bed and walked over to the door and swung it open. I expected it to be one of the other kids here for me or Kimberly but it was actually Ms.Lockwood. She smiled at me  and said "Goodmorning Gracia" I looked at her and smiled "Goodmorning Ms.Lockwood, what are you doing here so early?"

"Well Gracia the family that has adopted you will be here in an hour to get you and take you to the airport so you need to get ready," she said.

I looked at her and gave her a side smirk and said "Sure thing Ms.Lockwood." and closed the door. After i had taken a shower and brushed my teeth i walked back to the room and saw that Kimberly was gone so i hurried and changed into a pair of Victoria Secret sweat pants, a pink cami, and a sweatshirt. When i got done getting dressed i quickly put my hair in a sloppy bun and rushed out the room to the waiting room where i knew my new family would be waiting and believe me i was really nervous. when i got never to the waiting room i could feel my hands start to sweat and shake and it felt like i was gonna puke. I stopped where i was and took a deep breath and told myself to stop being scary and that i was gonna be okay. so i started walking back to the room where i saw Ms.Lockwood waiting with A very gorgeous Blonde lady and a tall man with really dark hair. When they saw me they walked over and the blonde lady gave me a hug which was very unexpected.

"Hi my name is Anna and this is my Husband jack! WERE YOUR NEW PARENTS." she said and it hit me then! I'm no longer an orphan.


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