Louis Tomlinson's twin(Harry Styles love story)

This story is about girl Jenni who does really good in school it's her Senior year,her twin brother Louis Tomlinson is in the famous boy band One Direction,her and Louis are Besties,she falls in-love with with one one his mates,and dosent know if e likes her back so she gets with the wrong and becomes an ex


2. My brothers back!!

Jenni's POV




Today I have to do the lunch time entertainment so My BFF Lexi picked out my outfit with me:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=86589321 thats actually how my hair is I dyed it after Louis left for tour.I got to Lexi's house after getting ready,the Best Bitches bracelets are our friendship bracelets the bow-tie necklace is my signature necklace that Louis got me for my birthday/Christmas.Oh yeah I'm 21 and your probably wondering how am I still in school,I failed a few grades for failing classes I'm really smart now.So I'm 21 and a Senior they said they would still let  me Graduate.Because the Principal knows w,hy I was failing I was tutoring people so I didn't get to study.So yeah weird any ways once I got Lexi in my Black Cadillac.I was off to school,I got their and everyone gave me hugs IDK what I did.So I just asked Chelsea one of my friends,"everyone knows your Louis' bro"She said she already knew because she spent the night once and he walked in at the wrong time so yeah I walked down the hall with Chelsea and Lexi Lexi also just happened to be Louis' girlfriend so I tease her and call her my sister in-law.I got to class and it was normal throughout the day except for everyone wanted to besties with me just no you don't use me for Louis

__________________________skipping to lunch________________________________

I was about to perform since I dont eat lunch at school,I was singing Love Story by Taylor Swift when 5 guys walked in all the girls looked at me and smiled,my boyfriend Logan gave me a smile when I finished I walked over to him and gave him a hug then I heard"Jenni!!!" come from Louis' mouth I looked around for him,I saw him with the 5 boys that came in I smiled and walked over to him and gave him a hug,he picked me up and twirled me."I missed you" I said "I missed you too!"he replied then Logan walked over confused and pissed"who is this?"he said angrily "he's my.."before I could finish he cut me off"YOUR CHEATING ON ME I KNEW IT!YOU LITTLE SLUT!!WE'RE OVER" then he walked over to the biggest slut ever then shoved his tongue down her throat.I laughed so did Louis Logan and the 4 boys behind him gave us confused looks."he's my brother,so who's the slut now!"I laughed at Logan.Logan was embarresed so he left.Louis said"why were you on the stage you'll see"I winked then walked back up.I grabbed the microphone off the stand I said"what song do I do now"Lexi screamed"Superbass"I said"okay" I said I sang the entire song I rapped really well. Louis stood their shocked then I sang Heart Attack by Demi Lovato perfectly I looked at Louis he saw me looking he was still shocked so he pretended to faint I laughed then walked off the stage.He asked me when did I start singing I have always been singing you just never knew." He nodded the 4 boys behind them looked shocked at the fact I was singing I've hear about them before they didn't know I sang because Louis didnt know.I looked at the boys confused Louis acknowledged and said "this is One Direction""okay""I'm Harry""I'm Liam""I'm Zayn""I'm Niall" they all said then of course Louis said "and I'm Jennifer"I laughed at his weirdness then shook they boys hands and said"I'm Jenni"they all said in unison"we know"I nodded Louis asked when I got out of school so I looked at the clock and saw that my lunchtime entertainment was for the last lunch of the day so I siad"now"Louis said "yay!!" and took my hand and tried to run away I stood stll he looked back confused I pointed to my shoes which are heels he nodded and let me walk I walked to my locker and put my stuff in my bookbag.Then me,Lexi and the boys all met up outside"so wht do we do now."I said I was hoping they were busy just a little because I needed to practice my music for the Talent show because their was gonna be a celebrity guest who could bring you into the music business. They saidlet's got your house so I nodded So we all got in our ars and went to me an Louis house me and Louis helped carry they're stuff into the guest bedrooms.Then Me and Lexi said we were gonna do homework they said ok we walked up to the attic and made sure we shut the door.

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