Louis Tomlinson's twin(Harry Styles love story)

This story is about girl Jenni who does really good in school it's her Senior year,her twin brother Louis Tomlinson is in the famous boy band One Direction,her and Louis are Besties,she falls in-love with with one one his mates,and dosent know if e likes her back so she gets with the wrong and becomes an ex


5. I Won!!!!!!

I got their all happy and saw Logan kissing some random chick he looked at me and kept kissing her while staring at me.I laughed at how stupid he was being,he just grunted and walked awy from the barbie.I laughed and Louis started laughing with me,at how stupid Logan looked.The boys looked at us like we were crazy I just said "did you see how stupid he looked?"they nodded I just shook my head and went backstage,skipping we got up their and introduced myself and Lexi and then we sang I did my raps and singing she did her singing.While I played the piano too.weird Piano for superbass hey it works,We got a standing  ovation We smiled then walked off we were last so now we see who won all the contestants lined up.The speaker called out"Lexi Miller and Jenni Tomlinson please step forward"That sounded like Simon Cowell I looked for the dude with the microphone,I found him and HOLY SHIT IT'S SIMON COWELL "I personally think you were good,but I think you would sound better as soloists so I could give both a sign you for the year and see how that works out." we both nodded to happy to speak he said"just meet me at your house"he said to me we nodded we went off the stage and I ran to Louis and jumped in his arms he spinned me around then put me down then gave Lexi a hug we were so happy then Simon came over"I did not know you were Louis' sister"he said I giggled "neither did they or the rest of the school until this morning"I said pointing to the boys He laughed "well we better get going"he said walking off I smiled then I looked at Lxi and we did our happy dance we stole from the cheerleaders who are bitches the grab eachothers arms and jump up and down screaming so we did that.Louis laughed because I told him about that.We were walking out and someoen held me back I looked to see who it was..Logan. uggh I sighed he kissed me I pushed him off then slapped him"what the hell?!"I asked  he said"please take me back?"he said all sad acting "HELLZ NAW!!!!"I said in my best american ghetto accent and got everyone in the audritorium even the boys and Lexi.Logan grabbed my face and forced me to kiss him I pushed him off and slapped him,and tried walked away,he grabbed my wrist and grabbed  my hands and tryed to apologize for being so sorry,I just kicked in groin he let go of my hands and bent over in pain,I said"peace out,bitch" the took my heels off while Lexi took hers off because she knows me so well "RUN!!" I yelled me Lexi and the boys started running we got out I stopped and started laughing I had to sit down on the bench outside I put my heels back on and said "see ya in a few"to Louis,Zayn,Niall,then me Lexi and Harry headed off to my car.

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