My Broken Fairy tale (A Jason Mccann Love Story)

I walk into the dark room, Jason leading the way. The smell of pot fills my nose and causes me to cough. We turn the corner, there sits a boy tied up in a chair, and another boy above him, punching him in the face. I turn away quickly, not wanting to see the awful sight. I then feel hands wrap around my waist, "Well hello there." I hear a raspy voice say, I jump and turn around. There stands the same guy and Jason stands behind him, grinning. "Told you see was hot." Jason says, I then freeze not prepared for what's about to happen to me.



Hey guys, I um sadly have to put this story of hold. I've been really busy lately and haven't had time to write. I'm also dealing with personal issue as well, I will update as soon as I can. I hope you all can understand, I love you all!

Stay smiling (:


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