My Broken Fairy tale (A Jason Mccann Love Story)

I walk into the dark room, Jason leading the way. The smell of pot fills my nose and causes me to cough. We turn the corner, there sits a boy tied up in a chair, and another boy above him, punching him in the face. I turn away quickly, not wanting to see the awful sight. I then feel hands wrap around my waist, "Well hello there." I hear a raspy voice say, I jump and turn around. There stands the same guy and Jason stands behind him, grinning. "Told you see was hot." Jason says, I then freeze not prepared for what's about to happen to me.


2. Chapter Two

~Skipping one week ahead~ 

Rosalie's POV

I jump around my small apartment, beyond excited! "It's the day! I'm going to Cali!" I squeal as my mom and dad walk in, they laugh when they see me. I finally calm down and look at my parent's faces, I can tell they have been crying. I walk up to them and hug them both tightly, I can't help but cry too.  Then we are all crying, I pull away from them, and look at their faces, I cant help but laugh. "You guys, I won't be gone forever, I'll be back for spring, thanksgiving, and Christmas break. Along with summer break." I smile and they nod their heads slowly. I back away and grab my purse, phone, and keys. My stuff is already packed in my car, "You guys know I have to get going." I say. We all walk out to my car and I look at my parents. I walk up to my mom and hug her, "I love you, see you soon." I smile as I pull away from her. "I love you too, honey." she sniffles. I walk over to my dad and hug him tightly, "Dad, I love you, see you soon as well." I smile, and my dad nods his head, "I love you too, Rosie." I walk to my car and I get into the driver's side. I start up my car and wave goodbye to them, I then pull out the driveway and drive to the airport. 

Jason's POV

I wake up, rubbing my eyes. I look up and see Caleb above me with a huge grin on his face, "Today is the day. The freshies are coming man!" he yells as he smacks my arm. I chuckle and roll my eyes, I sit up and run my fingers through my hair. Caleb is just staring at me, "Why aren't you as happy as I am?!" he questions as he plops down next to me. I shrug, "I don't know man, well we better get ready. We don't want to miss them all getting off their planes." I smile as I get up and walk to the bathroom. I hear Caleb laugh, "Alright!" he yells and I hear my bedroom door close. I strip naked and take a shower, I get out a few minutes later, and I get dressed and do my hair. I meet Caleb and Tony outside, I see Sarah there, "What the hell is she doing?" I growl as I look at Tony. He itches the back of his head, "She um wanted to tag along." he smiles. I nearly rip the hair out of my head, "No! No! No!" I yell. Sarah looks at me, "Sorry pretty boy but your not getting your way this time." she giggles. "Watch it bitch, or I'll make sure you're shipped off to be some guys little slut!" I yell. She gasps, "Fuck it, I'm taking my car." I grab my keys out of my pocket, climb into my car, and speed off. 

I pull up to the airport were I meet Caleb, Tony, and sadly Sarah. Then we see them, all of the newbies running out of the airport, looking around. Some meeting friends and laughing, others just waiting for rides, and the ones who are alone who came with no one. I scan the whole place, that's when I spot her. She has dark wavy brown hair, tan skin, and is freaking hot! I nudge Caleb and point to her, "Wow." he says, "She is freaking-" I cut him off, "Perfect." I say as I check her out from head to toy. Then I notice her catching me staring and I look away quickly. She's my next one, I will get her to be mine. 

Sorry it's so short! It's storming here and I don't want my internet to crash! So I thought I'd just stop here! So this is just a filler! I'm sorry guys, I really am! Tomorrow's chapter will be longer and better, I promise! I love you all! 


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