My Broken Fairy tale (A Jason Mccann Love Story)

I walk into the dark room, Jason leading the way. The smell of pot fills my nose and causes me to cough. We turn the corner, there sits a boy tied up in a chair, and another boy above him, punching him in the face. I turn away quickly, not wanting to see the awful sight. I then feel hands wrap around my waist, "Well hello there." I hear a raspy voice say, I jump and turn around. There stands the same guy and Jason stands behind him, grinning. "Told you see was hot." Jason says, I then freeze not prepared for what's about to happen to me.


1. Chapter One

Rosalie's POV

I sit on my laptop, looking at the Art Institute's web page, for the third time today. I scroll down re-reading the same information that I've read at least 100 times already. I know it sounds crazy, but ounce you get into your dream school you just can't get enough of it. One week, Rosalie, one week and you're finally going to be there. I shake my head, snapping myself out of my thoughts. I shut my laptop and get up, but there is one issue, the girls that go missing every night there. But, I mean I'm not a stupid 16 year old teenage girl who goes to a college party, let's the boys get me drunk, and then have their way with me. I get snapped out of my thoughts when my phone goes off, I walk over, and to see who it is. 
"Mom, again." I sigh, as I pick it up.
"Hello?" I say and I hear my mom panicking. 
"Mom! Is everything okay?!" I ask, already grabbing my keys.
"Y-yes honey, I just can't believe you're leaving in a week! You have to get packing and-" I cut her off by laughing.
"Mom, I'm already packed up and ready to go." I say, tossing my keys back down.
"Oh okay honey, I mean if you're sure! Just call if you need anything." she says, I can tell she isn't better, but I can't stand anymore of her whining and constant demanding of things. 
"Okay mom, I will. I love you, goodbye." I say.
"Bye, love you too." then the line goes dead. 

I lock my phone and toss it on my bed, I mean it is crazy, one week and I'll be out of Ottawa, and in LA! Who would of ever thought I would be there? Not me! But I worked my ass off  and now I will finally  be at the place were I belong the most. I smile and fall back onto my bed, I take a look at the clock, wow it's already 7 PM. I get up and I walk into my bathroom, "Time to take a shower!" I chime as I strip naked, shut my door, and turn on the water. I step in and let the warm water wash all of my worries away. I step out about 20 minutes later, I dry off, and put on my pajamas. I dry my hair and put it up in a top knot. I throw my towels over the shower curtain rod and walk out of my bathroom. I bite my lip, what to eat? what to eat? I finally decided on pizza, I pick up the phone and order a small pepperoni pizza. It finally get's here and I pay the pizza guy, I smile at him and close my door. I go over to my couch and plop down, I open my pizza and I start to eat. I finally finish and I clean up, I look at the clock again, "8:30." I sigh, I yawn and stretch. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my hands. I shrug my shoulders, "Well I guess I'm going to bed early tonight." I mutter and I go lock my door, and my windows. I then go back to my room, and climb under the covers. I turn off my lamp and drift off to sleep. 

Jason's POV

"Hey man, the newbies for the Art Institute here are coming in next week." my best friend, Caleb grins. 
"I know, easy prey." I smirk, rubbing my hands together. Caleb nods his head and gets up, "I'm going out." he says and leaves the room. I sigh and get up, God I hate being his little "puppy" sometimes, I do all of his dirty work. I get the girls, drug them, and bring them here. I get nothing out of it, at all. Sometimes I wish I never choose to do this, Tony even gave me a choice and I fucking choose this. But then again seeing these girls being used is pretty hot. You must think I'm a sicko? Right? Yeah, well you aren't the first person to think that. I have mixed opinions on my job, if you haven't noticed. I shake my head, knocking myself out of my own thoughts, I need to get start getting ready for tonight. I get off the couch and walk to the bathroom, I grab my razor and shave, then I shut the door. I strip naked and take a shower. I get out and dry off. I get dressed and I style my hair (like it is in the picture) I make sure that some of tats are showing. I smile at my refection, "Perfect." I smile and I leave the bathroom. 
"I'm going out!" I yell as I grab my keys, and my phone. 
"Alright, Caleb wants three back tonight!" I hear Tony yell and Sarah giggles, God I hate her. 

I don't respond, I just leave the house with a slam of the door. Three fucking girls! That's the most I've ever had to bring back! He is getting to cocky now. I climb into my car and start it up, my mind still running crazy with the idea of three girls. I drive around the suburbs of LA and I see a party going on, I smirk. I pull up the house and get out, I make sure I have my special bottle which holds a drug that puts people to sleep for 24 hours. I get out and close the door, I walk up to the house and walk inside. I check out the scene first, okay girls look from the ages of 17-19, perfect. Now, the groups I scan the room and see a group of four standing in the middle of the dance floor. Hmm, I know Caleb would be impressed if I brought back four instead of three. I walk over to the girls, "Hey." I smirk and they all look at me. 
"Hey." the blonde grins as she nudges the red head next to her, the other three wave. I smile at them, "Care to dance?" I ask the whole group. They all nod their heads quickly, I dance with each one of the girls as I take a break from dancing I spike their drinks, "Let's go out to my car, to get away from the noise." I smile.

"Okay." they all giggle. We walk out to my car and I watch as they each down their drinks and bam, pass out. I quickly get them into my car and I throw the glasses in the trash. I climb into the driver's side and speed off, I pull up the house. I get out of the car and shut the door, I walk in. I see Caleb, Tony, and Sarah all watching a movie. 
"Back already?" Caleb asks as he stands up. I nod my head, "I need your help, I got four." I grin.
Caleb's eyes grow wide, "Four!" he shouts, I nod my head slowly, "Four, it was so easy. They're all 18, I checked their wallets." I walk out of the house, Caleb and Tony follow. I open the door for them to get the girls out, "There ya go." I say, and  back up. I smile to myself, proud of what I just did. 

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