Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


2. Those Gorgeous Brown Eyes.



''Daissssssy!''Faith shouted as she opened the door.




*She ran outside and picked up Daisy giving her a huge hug*




You could say that we only got invited because my parent's made the cutest little girl alive and that my Mom's friend is obsessed with her..she didn't even acknowledge the rest of us freezing our asses off in the cold,she just walked inside with Daisy hanging off her hip...fucking bitch.








''Shh!!'' My mom hissed slapping my arm lightly.




''What? we all know she's a bitch...she only invited us because she want's to spend time with Daisy,there's no point denying.'' I shrugged walking into the house.




''You're so rude it's not even funny.'' Mac frowned walking beside me.




''I don't know if  Faith told you this..but disgusting vermin like yourself stay outside.'' I smirked walking straight past him.




''MOM! Mo called me an animal!'' Mac whined walking back over.




I ignored them and carried on walking,the place smelt like old spice and wine,I took a long stare at the marble grand stair's infront of me and took a right leading into the living room I knew so well,as soon as I walked in there chattering of adults and the soft mumble of christmas songs ringed in my ears,I looked around to see  Faith sat on a chair infront of the fireplace with Daisy on her lap,I walked over to join them sitting infront of them on the floor.




''Hello dear,you're sisters getting so cute!''  Faith smiled.




*I rolled my eyes when she wasn't looking and grabbed my phone from my pocket*




''Yeah...I guess,how are you?'' I smiled trying to be polite.




''I'm very good dear,how's school?'' She asked.




''It's okay...just the normal'' I replied.








''Are there any teens here my age? maybe I can hang around with? I don't exactly want to be stuck with adults the whole night if you know what I mean.''




''Aren't I fun?'' 




are you fucking kidding me?...you're as interesting as a brick.




''Of course you are!,it's just....you know.'' I lied.





''I understand dear,well I'm not sure if there's anyone here your age...so,just sit put for now okay? maybe grab some snacks and stuff later?'' She asked.




''Sure,I'll just sit here then.'' I sighed leaning my back against the chair.





*I unlocked my phone and browsed Twitter*




'@Morgan_Blair: At a Christmas party,supposedly no other teens..someone please shoot me?-.-'




*I followed some of my followers then looked at my mentions*




'@CallumBriggs: Wish I could keep you company;)xx @Mogan_Blair'




*I smiled and replied*




'@Morgan_Blair: @CallumBriggs Haha,me too,text me:* xx'









*I opened my texts*




'Hey gorgeous,can't wait to see you tomorrow:*xx-C'




'Hey Cal,I'm practically grounded because I was being 'rude' towards Mac again,so I can't meet you tomorrow:'( I'm sorry.xx-M'




'It's okay...I'll come round?xx-C'




'Not aloud anyone around either...sorry;(xx-M'




'Awh..I guess I'll see you the day after? maybe?;(xx-C'




'Sure...loosing reception,i'll call you when I get back laters...love you:*xx-M'




'Yay!:) okay baby girl,love you too:)xx-C'




*I smiled and locked my phone,I glanced around the room feeling the warmth radiate off the blazing fire,I watched for a second as a old couple embrace eachother in a hug*




I love seeing old couples...it show's that there's actually hope for a long lasting relationship and not just stupid teenage boys who are only with you to take your v-card then leave the next day,*cough cough my ex Mitchell,cough* 




*Slightly depressed with myself now,I decided to tune out of the oldies conversation and glance around the room to see if there was any sign of someone who I could make conversation with*




There all boring...ugh.




*Just as I was about to give up on looking for someone interesting,I spotted a pair of gorgeous golden brown coloured eyes staring right back at me through the crowd of people*




Why are they staring? creepy...I think i'm paranoid.




*I got up from the ground as I decided I would grab a drink to clear my creepy thoughts,I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a red plastic cup from the side and filled it up with water from the sink,I made my way back to the couch to see Daisy still sitting on Faiths lap,but this time she was sleeping,I rolled my eyes and sat on the now empty chair that some old guys was taking up a few minutes ago*








''Yes sweetie?'' 




''Look to the left just past the door.'' 








''Just do it please,I think there's someone staring but I think I'm paranoid.'' 




*I saw out the corner of my eye that Faith had turned her head to see if those brown eyes were staring over here,she looked back quickly*




''There's definitely someone staring,why..do you know him?'' 








''Yeah,It's my best friends son Justin,such a sweet boy.'' Faith replied




''How old is he?'' 





''16 I think?'' 




''You told me there were no teens!'' 




''He must of just turned up..I'm sorry.'' 




I guess she's right,I would of noticed those gorgeous Brown eyes anywhere.




''It's fine...''




''I'm going to call him over,so you can meet him!'' 




''Don't!'' I called nervously.




Why am I nervous? I don't even know what he looks like..




''JUSTIN! JUSTIN OVER HERE,COME HERE!'' Faith shouted over the music.





*I watched as Justin stood up and hesitantly walked over to us*




oh fuck,oh fuck...he's gorgeous...oh lord,why can't I be single right now? WAIT! shut up..Callum is perfect...this boy can't compare to him! yes he can...NO..YES,LOOK AT HIM MORG,HE'S GORGEOUS.shut up goddamit.















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